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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Spirit Quest by Sherri Roberts

Spirit-Quest, the course has been and will continue to be a valuable set of tools. I continue to cherish each one. They have a place in the library at our home. Like any teaching implement, they are referred to time and time again. I want to thank the many that have walked with me through this part of my life’s journey. Thank you Amy, thanks to those who helped put it together, the spirit guides that help me walk through my conscious and unconscious levels of understanding. Thanks to the Elemental Spirits for allowing themselves to be seen and worked with, thanks to the beings who have come to me through these studies and continue to walk with me on my path. Thanks to all.

I have searched to understand myself for as long as I can remember. Through this course, I have been able to identify energies and processes that eluded me.  My relationships with others have changed for the betterment of my self-growth. 

Meditation as I understand it, has evolved so I may use it throughout my day and night. I visualize on a regular basis in most things that pass through my life. The exercises provided in the course have awakened senses or awareness that give strength to my Spiritual self.  My perception of my energies and the energies around me are growing and becoming more vivid. I am learning to distinguish between my personal energy, the earth energies and the “cosmos” energies. My drive to heal the creatures that come to me for rehabilitation continues with my understanding of the “purpose” or “abilities” of each type of energy. Instead of using my personal energy to try and heal one that is injured, I visualize the energies of the Earth and the Universe to work with the creature.

This course introduced me to the concept of the Astral Plane and my own astral body. I am learning to visualize the cleansing of the silver cord and the placing of my golden light within this astral body. The concept is new to me. I am sure over time, this will become second nature and many more opportunities will present themselves that deal with the ‘spiritual” or astral plane and the beings that live there. If I remember correctly, there are eleven levels that were introduced. As with any introduction, it is but a doorway through which I am entering.

I am learning different ways of perceiving the worlds around me, to release my fear of the unknown (which is taught), and to embrace others without judgment.

An added bonus to taking this course is getting to know Amy Long. Through the sharing of her life experiences and approach to subjects, she has given the blessing of herself. With this, I would like to say thanks to all who played a part in my journey through Spirit-Quest.

Rev. Sherri Roberts


Friday, June 25, 2010

Spirit Quest Course

The very first sentences of this course have been the most important for me. In these sentences I have grown in courage and understanding. I have been able to embrace these words as a reality for my life.

1. You Are A Perfect Being.

2. God Loves You.

3. You Were Created In Perfection, By Perfection for Perfection.

4. Your Success Is Guaranteed.

The content of this course for me has all been based in the above four sentences because in them I have found my true self. My life, not unlike others, has been extremely difficult as I come from a very dysfunctional family and I am proud that I have. The negative conditioning that I received as a child has made me value my growth process. The very first sentence says, “You are a perfect being.” The problem with the way I was raised is that I was taught to embrace my imperfections. As I studied the discourses I now see that I have no imperfections and any flaw can be turned just by changing my view. It had been easy for me to accept myself as imperfect and undeserving and while I saw myself with all these flaws my world continually supported those notions. After practicing the meditations and taking off the veil of untruth I can easily accept that this world is made perfect and just as nature is perfect so am I. My body (the spiritual as well as the physical) works in perfection and when I view myself as aligned with the universe then I can easily see myself as perfect or better yet as being, “created in perfection, by perfection and for perfection.

As a child I am the product of my mother and her union with a married man. Now my mother didn’t know that my father was married, but when she found out it was too late. So, since my mother could not punish the man she punished me by withholding love. Coming from my experiences with my family and having a mother who did know about the value of forgiveness, I thought that God (Goddess, Source, The Creator) could not possibly love someone like me. As I walked through the discourses and practiced Rose meditation and visualization, I began to see just how wrong I was in my assumption. I saw (and see) that in everything that has been created in this world and in the spiritual realm there is no limit of the love that I am the recipient of. I have learned how the source of the universe has given me genius and how she communicates this through the most basic and beautiful things (music, numbers, and color). I was born under a unique set of numbers I see my talents I see the love that Goddess has for me in all that she created. Just to know that there is no way I can fail gives me the courage to do those things I though impossible.

When I started this course I knew certain things and was in the process of opening up to realize more of the Universal Truths. Since my study I have grown to understand the reasons that I had not manifested in my life those things which I needed.

My biggest obstacle to growth had been my view on forgiveness. I had always thought that to forgive those that, in my estimation, had hurt me meant to let them off the hook. Now, I understand that it is not about letting them off the hook, but it is about realigning me with the divine. It is about releasing and letting go. Forgiveness is what I do for me and is about no giving my power away to those who have caused me harm. My biggest surprise while walking through this lesson is that I realized that I had been withholding forgiveness because I wanted revenge…I wanted them to feel the pain that I carried. In reality (this is a shocker) the pain that I felt had been because I LET IT IN! I made it my own personal pain. I decided to use the forgiveness letter. Now the forgiveness letter asks that you use compassionate and loving words to the offender. This letter allowed me to first see my offenders as human, and then it showed me the power of compassion. As I have held on to the un-forgiveness I had allowed myself to be cut off from the compassionate side of me. I didn’t mail these letters, but I did burn them and visualized the smoke as carrying my forgiveness to the person. I let go completely of the blame, shame, and need for revenge.

This course has strengthened my meditation and visualization skills. It reminds me of a song sung by a very popular R&B singer R. Kelly. The title is “I believe I can fly” and in the song there are some words that are the foundation of Metaphysics, “….if I can see it….then I can be it…, I believe I can fly.” Metaphysics as detailed in this course works because we use visualization techniques to manifest. What I can visualize in my mind, I can bring into my physical reality. In past I have manifested negative (“if you don’t fill it, someone or something will fill it for you” – discourse four) but using guided meditation to ground I learned to fill myself with positive instead.

There are so many things I learned with this course and It would take me another lifetime to talk about it all, but since I am learning about balancing my time and am practicing staying in the present I will say that this course has taken me though some horrible memories and because of that I have been able to release the negative emotions and learn the lesson. I am now a better minister because I know how important letting go is. I understand how holding on can manifest pain, and negativity into my life. I can now teach others how to manifest a rose to dispel negative energy and bring in the beauty of love. I can teach others how to tap into the divine and experience the type of unconditional love that we all deserve. These lessons have taught me that this world in which I live was created in abundance and like all of nature I have all I need after all,

I AM A Perfect Being, Goddess Loves Me; I was Created in Perfection, By Perfection for Perfection and my Success Is Guaranteed.

Reverend Tammy J. Hamilton


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