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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lesson 7 ~ Metaphysics ~ Spirit Quest ~ Meditation ~ Running Your Energy Essay

Lesson 7 ~ Metaphysics ~ Spirit Quest ~ Meditation ~ Running Your Energy Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman


I do have to say this exercise was very interesting to say the least.  I decided to rekindle two old friendships that I hadn't seen or talked with for quite some time, but we had not lost complete contact with either one.  It was amazing the results and the differences.  The first relationship I followed this lessons plan to the "T" and with high energy got in contact with this person and I did feel he fed from my emotions and did seem to be also upbeat and I could tell was genuinely happy I contacted him.  Actually, we planned for a lunch meeting (which lasted over three hours) and it was like two old college buddies reminiscing and catching up with each other.  It turned out to be a great reunion.


The second relationship I attempted to rekindle I decided not to be so upbeat at the onset of our reunion.  I did get the feeling the meeting was a tad strained.  The conversation was, what I would call forced to keep it going.  To tell you the truth about half way through the reunion I couldn't stand it and switched my demeanor to take on the more upbeat approach.  I noticed his affect was that of a bewildered person's at first.  But, eventually he started changing his affect and you could see he was becoming more relaxed with our meeting. 


I believe this definitely coincided with this lesson's overall meaning.  I do believe people tend to feed off of others energy and do follow its direction.  I was very glad in both instances to make the reconnection.  It does make you feel very good to know that you have brought a ray of sunshine into another's life.  It was very rewarding making these connections again.  GO IN PEACE

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