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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lesson 9 ~ Metaphysics Spirit Quest ~ Essay

Lesson 9 ~ Metaphysics Spirit Quest ~ Competition ~ Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman


Your other big job this week is to notice loneliness. Notice your own and notice someone else's too. Find at least 3 people to send a hello to. You never know how you will affect someone's life. By giving someone a hello, you may be the one to feel less lonely, which may save them as a being. You never know.  This was accomplished through persistence.  The first two contacts were rather easy, they were long lost friends that I keep in contact with periodically, I am sure you know what I mean, the yearly Christmas card, birth of a new family member or graduation from high school or college or one of our children.  It is good to have these contacts but there is a definite advantage to keeping in closer touch with them.   I think they genuinely were surprised at the contact, especially since there was not a major event in either of our lives taking place.  The third contact was a little bit more difficult.  During this effort I had contacted the person initially via text message (thank goodness for modern technology) and there was no response.  I do realize people are busy and may not respond in a timely manner.  So, after a few days I resorted to an email and then another one.  After about the third attempt at contact I finally got a response from them.  The response was "well aren't you tenacious".  I told him about my plight to keep our friendship alive and closer that the "holiday" kind and he did agree.  We had a very informative reunion first by email then via phone.  I believe it was uplifting for both of us with a promise at the end to keep the lines of communication open and definitely more often than just on the holiday schedule.  I sincerely did feel better after communicating with these persons and yes it did seem to fill a part of that loneliness that may happen when a friendship tends to fall to the wayside.  It's a good idea to not let this happen in the first place.  GO IN PEACE

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