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Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] On the power and integrity of your Higher Power

Dear ULC,

The topic of today's Metaphysical Mind is one that I have recently begun to understand.

In the past I have thought of myself as my own Higher Power but now I am finally learning that God is a power much greater than myself.

Now when I am struggling or facing a difficult situation (usually due to a selfish desire for a positive outcome for me), I do my best to let go absolutely and turn the challenge over to my Higher Power.

This takes great trust, but who can I trust more than my Creator?

Hope you enjoy today's article:

Trust in the Power and Integrity of the Creator by Bill Bowles

Human-kind is generally concerned only with the material things of life. That is, all that has a direct effect on the comfort and well being of the individual. To ask someone if he or she believes in, or has experienced, some form of spiritual existence parallel to or perhaps preceding or succeeding the familiar material world would, in all probability, result in at best a vague acknowledgement coupled with a swift retreat into the world of the senses. 'That which I can SEE, HEAR, TASTE, SMELL or FEEL, this I understand for it is part of my every-day life. If these things cease, then surely I also cease.'

Any belief to the contrary, outside of, and even within the major religious groups, is held to be something which belongs to the realms of cranks and the unbalanced or even the insane. Yet recent work in the fields of Quantum and Metaphysics is laying before the NORMAL world, indisputable proof, which has for so long, been regarded as fantasy or the work of a disturbed mind, but must now be given credence amongst the findings of the scientific world.

Recognition and acceptance of various field theories are things which can no longer be ignored and must now become part of LIFE. Is there something in addition to and beyond just the five senses with which we are all so familiar?

The answer must be a resounding "YES!"

The ancient Sanskrit writings describe a 'primary substance' called Akasha which is said to be of microscopic fineness and exquisite delicacy.

That out of which Everything is Formed

It is not limited or confined in any way and is everywhere present. It is sensitive to the slightest vibration, physical or electro-magnetic, anywhere in the universe.

Let us examine and try to define this 'primary substance'. It is said to be without limitation and also to be everywhere present. This must mean it could be likened to an all pervading invisible mist. It is possessed of exquisite delicacy, which would indicate a benevolent sensitivity. It is of such a nature as to be sensitive to, or aware of, the slightest vibration anywhere. It is that out of which everything is formed. Bearing all this in mind one must also assume that 'Primary' indicates original or first, before all else and 'Substance' some form of, in this case, matter (energy) of immeasurable fineness.

We have then, something that reacts to and also registers any energy input anywhere at any time. We also find that the information registered during these energy vibrations is stored and is retrievable. Our thoughts and actions, in fact the actions of anything within this field of awareness from a rock lying on the ground to the most sophisticated examples of life, must be constituent parts of this primary substance. It is everywhere present, therefore must encompass all matter within its scope.

Surely then, this 'Akasha' can be referred to as a universal consciousness or mind.

The source of all that exists and therefore the source of all creation.

Thus we have an unchanging absolute in which we can place our confidence and trust. Something that has always existed, always will exist, out of which everything is formed and embraces all knowledge and wisdom.

The Creator

In Whom I Place My Trust

© William R. Bowles 2012

You may direct comments and questions to Bill Bowles directly here: fussie[at]telkomsa.net

Hoping you accept God's vision for your life today,


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Friday, August 3, 2012

On service to others before the self

Thank you for tuning in to this issue of Metaphysical Mind written by Bill Bowles (BB).
Among the many ideas Bill has shared with me, none stand out more than the rejection of human greed and the principle of service to others before self.
In case you missed the last issue of this Ezine, read it here: http://www.whatismetaphysics.com/bill-bowles-ezine-1-of-3.html
In one of the articles he shared with me, he wrote: "I wonder why the youth almost universally reject the opinions of the 'old folk'. Then they rush off and make the same mistakes that have been made so many times before." This question spoke to me personally so I decided to answer it as best as I could here.
In my opinion, the reason why is basically human nature or a lack of connection to God. It is out of selfishness that we are so prone to disregard the teachings of others and to learn from our own experience, however costly it may be. Heck, many of us (myself included) even try to resist the will of our Creator.
To the young people, we must try to understand our elders rather than to be understood by them.
Just a Thought by Bill Bowles
Reading in the first chapter of the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible (the story of the creation of the earth and its living inhabitants); one wonders if it would not have been better if creation had stopped after the fourth day. Once animal life and men and women appeared on the scene they have done little else but destroy what was originally perfection.
Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt here.
Some principle that our societies could embrace that would ultimately lead to a perfect solution to the plethora of problems that we experience today.
It is a frightening thought that we, as the controlling inhabitants of this world, are responsible, either wholly or partially, for everything that is wrong with our current circumstances. If we spend a little time in examining the motives that have propelled us into this situation, we find that greed is almost exclusively responsible. The desire to possess or in some way acquire something to which we had no right in the first place.
Immediately the solution presents itself.
Place the desires and needs of another before the desires and needs of self.
Is the solution to the multiplicity of social problems of today so simple? If we place the needs of our neighbour before those we see as our own then there will be no place for greed. If greed is overcome there is no longer any necessity to destroy the equanimity of others by trying to take from them what is rightfully theirs and not ours.
All of creation was and is the ultimate act of giving. A beautiful gift, as is indeed life itself and all we can do is damage and destroy. Let's change that and establish giving as our lifestyle instead of taking.
There comes a time in the lives of all people when we are faced with making a crucial decision and are at a loss as to what would be the correct action in the circumstances that face us. It is well at such times, to take a little longer and to consider who else may be affected and how. The old maxim "act in haste and repent at leisure" is a truth more often than not.
Once again we find that placing the desires and needs of others before our own usually points us to the solution we are seeking.

And now a poem titled "Where Are We Going?"
Sometimes when travelling in a group,
Being led by one who is astute,
It will be heard from those who follow,
"Where are we going in this rush?
Where is it that you're taking us?"
Then if there's no clear destination,
Just mumbled word and deviation,
Then we must ask again quite clearly,
"Where is it that you're taking us?
We need to know if we're to trust
The words you speak and path you take.
Confusion now's a grave mistake-
If you can't tell us plainly, friend,
Then trusting you as guide must end.
There should be purpose in this chase,
To reach that holy long-sought place
And there to find the great reward,
Promised' us by The Lord."
The moral of this little tale?
Don't let foolish words prevail
Upon good sense and leadership,
When seeking your discipleship.

Little Children vs. Our Greed
When one looks at the wonder, innocence and trust that shine out of a child's eyes then we, having seen and meditated on this, must wonder at the validity of knowledge and progress. Why is it that as we grow older we seek to possess everything that we see? The first question that we learn to ask as children is, will what we see fulfil our needs and desires. If the answer is yes, then we seek to acquire what we see or in some way duplicate what is seen thereby availing ourselves of the benefit enjoyed by the current owner or possessor.
Greed must be the ugliest word in any language. It speaks of the desire to acquire or possess more than is rightfully ours, more than we need for our comfort and wellbeing. If we can find a way of eradicating this word and all its connotations from our understanding then surely we will have found a solution to the great majority of the social ills that beset humanity.
So many times we return to the same solution of this problem found in the world of man. Place the needs of another before those that you see as your own.
As we grow in knowledge and capability we create more and greater innovations in the name of progress, then we see more and because we see more we desire more. Has progress created monsters out of men and women? Beings that, because they see, they must possess what they see?
If we do not progress in knowledge and capability we will regress and eventually become extinct: OR SO WE ARE TOLD. Then men devise great schemes to feed and clothe the needy: to build sufficient housing and to care for the destitute, the sick and the disabled. If we look back at the root causes of these conditions we find that there is a common factor. Greed!
To get back to our wondering and innocent child. If that child is not hungry, is clothed and has care and shelter, then there is no complaint.
Let's make this our first and greatest ambition; to build a society where the tears of a cold and hungry child are never seen.
Let's try thinking of the needs of our neighbour BEFORE we think of ourselves!!
Then let's teach others to do the same.

Be Well,
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