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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Metaphysics Course

Hello ULC,

Welcome to Day 6 of the "What Is Metaphysics" E-Course

Today's lesson is: "How Can I Apply Metaphysics to My Life."

When metaphysics is properly applied to your life, such things as health, wealth, and happiness will be yours. Most importantly, you must realize there is only a stream of wellness/ abundance (health, wealth, and happiness) that flows through you. You are either blocking or allowing this stream. So when you are experiencing wellness and abundance you are allowing it. And when you are experiencing a sad, gloomy reality, you are blocking that stream off. Again, health, wealth, and happiness are natural. The key is not in creating these things, but in allowing them to flow to you.

I have provided specific information and outlined some specific action steps you should take to manifest any of these three things (heath, wealth, and happiness) in your life:
I have also included an affirmation with each. Please feel free to use them how you wish. Personally I repeat certain affirmations about a thousand times a day. I do this silently, in my head, as I go about my day. You can also meditate on your chosen affirmation. Do whatever feels good to you, with these affirmations. They are not necessary, so you don't have to use them if you wish not to.

1. Health- to experience health, you must realize that there is absolutely no reason for any part of your body to be unhealthy. Within every few months, you literally have a brand new physical body. Parts/ cells of our bodies are dying and being replaced with new healthy cells every couple of seconds. The only reason why you are unhealthy is because of your thoughts and beliefs. These continuously create unhealthy cells. Your body is simply a mirror of your beliefs.

Affirmation: My body's natural healing system is strong and pure, I allow the stream of health and wellness to flow through me.

If you are interested in health and well-being, or even if you just want more information, you should read the powerful, free book called
The Science of Being Well, click here. (if the link doesn't work, you can copy and paste it into your browser)

2. Wealth- to experience wealth, you must get rid of any negative, preconceived ideas or associations regarding money. Such as, "money is the root of all evil" or "money doesn't grow on trees." You can do this by understanding that God (your Higher Self) wants you to be rich. If "He" didn't, you would not be reading this right now. I would go into more details on wealth, but I have already written a powerful article on it. You can access it here. (if the link doesn't work, you can copy and paste it into your browser)

After reading this article you need more information, you must read the free book, The Science of Getting Rich (if the link doesn't work, you can copy and paste it into your browser)

Affirmation: "I allow wealth to flow into me and out of me, I am a great receiver and giver of wealth." If this affirmation does not work for you, you could try the affirmation advised by Foster Hibbard, "An endless avalanche of money now pours down upon me!"

3. Happiness- If you are experiencing health and wealth, there is really no reason for you to be unhappy. If you are unhappy, and in these conditions, the only reason is, because you are worrying about things that are beyond your control. You are probably trying to create/manipulate someone else's reality. It cannot be done, they must change it for themselves. This is the root of unhappiness. You must begin to stop worrying about things that you believe are beyond your control.

Affirmation: I am so grateful for everything in my life, I focus on the things I can change, and let go of the things I cannot. I am happy!

This has been a short lesson, because it is only the belief that matters. If you believe that you have whatever it is that you desire, you will absolutely achieve it, every time! You can make this more complicated if you wish. If you believe you must do a certain technique to achieve something, then you'd better do that technique. The choice is always yours.

Tomorrow we'll be wrapping up this course, with Day 7, we will be learning "What You Can/Should Do Now". Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


Jason Randhawa
441 President Kennedy Avenue Apt. 1603
Montreal, Quebec
H3A-0A4 Canada

Universal Life Church

Friday, April 29, 2011

Metaphysics Course - Reality

Welcome to Day 5 of the "What Is Metaphysics" E-Course

Today's lesson: "What Is Reality and What Effect Do I Have On It?"

This question is at the heart of metaphysics.

The best definition I have heard for reality was by the entity, Joshiah, as channeled by my good friend, Bub Hill. Soon I will be adding this channeling session for free to my subscribers as one of the bonuses. When I do this, I will let you know by email, in my newsletter. Joshiah says that there are only three truisms to reality:

1.You create your reality.

2.You are a Spark of Consciousness or You are a piece of the One

3.You cannot fail.

'They' go on to say, you can make this more complicated if you wish, but these are the only things that are real. Everything else is illusionary. The way you make things more complicated is with your beliefs and ideas.

If this description does not work for you, another great answer I got to this question, "What is reality?" from one of my mentors, Dr. Yaad Dang was, a subjective perception of surroundings, which you create. This basically means that reality is simply the perception of the observer's reality. In other words, everyone perceives reality different in his or her own way (once again, mainly dependant on their beliefs). For example two people looking at the exact same scene will react differently (emotionally, mentally, and physiologically) and they will both explain the scene differently. Therefore nothing is real; everything is an illusion (except for the three things stated earlier by Joshiah). Again, in reality everything is an illusion, it's like a 3-D movie, but you are a part of it.

Your part in this movie is not only to experience it, but to also create it. You are the God you search for. Most metaphysicians believe in absolute free will. There is no destiny set forth for you; you create your own destiny as you go. Metaphysics puts everything squarely in your hands. You are the only and absolute creator of your reality.

However you must operate under certain laws, which you can change (although it would be very difficult depending on your belief system). But, before you came into existence in physical reality, you chose/agreed to operate under these universal laws. It's always your choice, if you didn't agree with these laws you would have created and/or experienced a different reality.

I have divided these Universal Laws into two categories, for easier understanding:
  • Scientifically Proven Laws- these are what we refer to as the 'laws of physics,' for example the Law of Gravity

  • Unscientifically Proven Laws- these are such metaphysical laws as the Law of Attraction. I have found the perfect article on Universal Laws, and instead of putting it into my own words, I will provide you with the original article.

  • You can access it here. (if the link doesn't work you can copy and paste it into the browser).

    To be able to consciously create your reality you must first understand what reality is, then you must understand what the universal laws are that control the reality. This is what we have learned today, and from here you can begin to create your perfect life. This is what we will be talking about tomorrow in Day 6, Tomorrow's lesson will be: "How Can I Apply Metaphysics to My Life".

    Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


    Jason Randhawa

    Universal Life Church 


    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Universal Life Church

    Hello ULC,

    Welcome to Day 4 of the "What Is Metaphysics" E-Course

    Today's Lesson is: "What Are The Basics of Metaphysics"

    Yesterday, we discussed the broad range of topics covered by metaphysics. Today we will be talking about metaphysics' stance on these subjects.

    First of all, we will discuss the concept of God. Metaphysics states that God is energy (light). God and energy mean the same thing. If you ask a metaphysician about God, he or she will say God is omnipotent, eternal, moving through form, into form, and out of form. If you ask a scientist what makes up the Universe, they will say, "energy." When you ask them what energy is, they will answer with omnipotent, eternal, moving through form, into form, and out of form. As you can see, it is the same thing; and, the difference lies solely in terminology.

    Next, we are all made up of Energy, therefore we are God. Also, everything else is God, since everything else is made up of energy. If you break down anything, from humans to the computer you are reading this with, you will find it is made up of molecules. If you break the molecules down, you will get atoms. If you break atoms down, you will find a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons. But, the nucleus is not even solid because if you break this down you will get protons and neutrons. These are surrounded by energy. Essentially, everything is composed of energy. Therefore, energy is everything and everywhere; and, this is why some people say, "God is everything and everywhere." On a related note, the God you search for is you ( more on this later).

    In the area of occultism, it is a common belief among metaphysicians that ESP (extra sensory perception) abilities are natural. As I covered before, ESP includes such things as telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, psychokinesis, and prophesizing the future. It has been said that we use less than 5% of the full potential of our brain. Once we tap into the unlimited potential of the mind, these abilities will become natural.

    To develop your own metaphysical abilities you must begin to believe such things are possible and allow yourself to develop your powers. Once you believe it is possible, you can begin to practice these abilities. Do not give up, keep working harder, and you will begin to develop these abilities. Also, you should believe that it's easy to do, because then it will become easier. To cancel out thoughts of doubt, I find it very helpful to affirm, either in my head or out loud, to myself that "________ is very easy to do." Fill in the blank with whichever ability you wish to develop.

    In the area of natural philosophy, metaphysics states that the view of nature and the physical universe, as it was before modern science, was correct. Science has made us think that we are separate from nature; this is why we exploit it, but actually we are deeply interconnected with it. Plants and animals do not think that they are separate from nature, they realize it is a part of them and they are a part of it. This is why they don't exploit nature, but rather live in harmony with it.

    In the area of religion, metaphysicians can belong to all types of religions. As I have said many times before, the purpose of metaphysics is to compliment your current beliefs, and expand the limits of your limiting beliefs.

    We will be going into full details on metaphysics' view of reality and your effect on it in Day 5. This is why we did not cover metaphysics' view on ontology and the philosophy of perception. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow in Day 4 of this course. As you may have already guessed, tomorrow's lesson will be "What Is Reality and What Effect Do I Have on It?" Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


    Jason Randhawa
    441 President Kennedy Avenue Apt. 1603
    Montreal, Quebec
    H3A-0A4 Canada

    Universal Life Church

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    Metaphysics Course on What Metaphysics Covers

    Welcome to Day 3 of the "What Is Metaphysics" E-Course

    Today's Lesson: "What Does Metaphysics Actually Cover?"

    Metaphysics usually refers to two seemingly separate, even contradicting subjects:
      1. Mysticism which refers to experiences of unity with God or All-That-Is.

      2. Occultism which refers to the extension of knowing (ESP, which is telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, etc.) beyond the usually recognized fields of human activity.

    For a more in depth view of what metaphysics entails, there are five basic sub disciplines that make up 'metaphysics':
      1. Natural Philosophy: a term applied to the objective study of nature and the physical universe, as it was before the development of modern science.

      2.Ontology: the study of being and existence. In other words, ontology is the study of reality. This is one of the most fundamental branches of metaphysics. Its purpose is to define entities and types of entities within its framework.

      3.Philosophy of Religion: the rational study of the meaning and justification of fundamental religious claims, particularly about the nature and existence of God.

      4.Philosophy of Mind: the philosophical study of the mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties, and consciousness. In addition, this includes the "mind-body" connection, which is the relationship with the physical body and the things listed above. The mind refers to the collective aspects of intelligence and consciousness, which are manifest in some combination of thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination. Currently, the majority of scientists believe that the mind is a result of the brain. But metaphysicians would argue that the brain is actually a result of the mind.

      5.Philosophy of Perception: the study of how mental processes and symbols depend on the world internal and external to the perceiver. What is experienced or observed is always confined to the beliefs and limits of the observer.

    I know today's lesson was very technical, but I believe it is important for you to understand what the study of metaphysics actually consists in. So there really are no action steps for today, other than understanding the topics above. Tomorrow in Day 4 we will be going into details on metaphysics' position on each of these topics.

    I look forward to talking to you tomorrow, in Day 4, the lesson will be "The Basics of Metaphysics." Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


    Jason Randhawa

    Universal Life Church

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Metaphysical Discussion - What is it?

    Welcome to Day 2 of the "What Is Metaphysics"

    Today's Lesson is: "Why Should I Care About Metaphysics?"

    There could be many different answers to this question, why should I study metaphysics. I have written about the main ones below, and this leads me to today's action step. Today's action step is for you to discover your reason for studying metaphysics. Maybe your reason is some deep question you need answered or you need to help someone else. Whatever your reason, it must be definite, it must be valid, and it must resonate with your heart. Only then, will you enjoy metaphysics and then you will be able to uncover the desired outcome to your quest for knowledge.

    When Jon Roe was asked, this question, why study metaphysics? He replied, "If life is going great, you're healthy, happy and content, you don't need it. If you have a solid belief system that will support you through the bad times, you don't need it. If you have good self-esteem and you unconditionally love yourself, you don't need it. If you find peace and support your religion and spirituality you don't need it."

    As you may have probably guessed, since I directly quoted him, I completely agree with him.

    So the main reasons, listed in no particular order, why people study metaphysics are:

  • to obtain a strong, belief system that completely resonates with you

  • to gain comfort in trying/challenging times in your life

  • to have no more fears, in other words, to obtain peace of mind (as you will be able to understand the true nature of reality)

  • to find an answer to those tough, life-transforming questions that are in the back of everyone's mind, such as, What is the meaning of life? How did I get here? Where did I come from? What is my purpose? Etc…

  • to understand and experience God

  • to enjoy the health, wealth, and happiness applying this knowledge can give you

  • to gain a new perspective on the world and life, that you may have never considered, it is a new way to think outside the box

  • to begin to fulfill your unlimited potential

  • Study this list, and discover the one that fits for you. If none of these does, than you can come up with your own. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow in Day 3; the lesson will be "What Does Metaphysics Actually Cover." Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


    Jason Randhawa

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Metaphysics Course - What is Metaphysics

    Welcome to Day 1 of the "What Is Metaphysics" E-Course.

    Today's lesson is: "What exactly is Metaphysics?

    Metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether physical or non-physical. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, and so all-inclusive, that it applies to everything.

    A metaphysician is someone who studies the true nature of reality, or someone who is simply interested in discovering what underlies everything.

    People are always getting confused between spirituality, metaphysics, and quantum physics. Even I, myself, sometimes use these words interchangeably. Spirituality is the process of becoming closer to the God that you are, whether you realize you are that God or not. Spirituality is all about becoming closer to your soul, that spark of consciousness, or piece of the One that is within all of us. The downside of the word spirituality is it is closely associated with religions. Religions can be very limiting, because they have a set system of beliefs which you are not to question or expand upon. Don't get me wrong, they can also be empowering, it really depends on the person. Metaphysics is very closely related to spirituality, but it has nothing to do with any religion. It is more to develop you own set of personal beliefs, which resonate with you, then to follow somebody else's beliefs. Therefore metaphysics does not have all the limits and associations that spiritualit y has.

    Metaphysics is not really a science, but the science most closely related to metaphysics is quantum physics. Quantum physics is the leading edge science that is scientifically proving timeless metaphysical principles. Quantum physics is the "physics of possibilities". It is believed that quantum physics is where metaphysics and physics will merge.

    Lastly, it is believed that the word "metaphysics" is based on the organization of some of Aristotle's books in the Library of Alexandria. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle produced a number of works, which together were called the "Physics." In the Library of Alexandria, the works of Aristotle were organized in such a way that another set of Aristotle's works was placed right after the "Physics." These books seemed to concern a basic, fundamental area of philosophical inquiry, which Aristotle, himself, called "first philosophy." So early Aristotelian scholars called those books ta meta ta physika biblia, which means "the books that come after the (books about) physics." This is simply where the word came from, but the timeless principles studied in metaphysics originate back before history even, as you will soon come to learn.

    I look forward to talking to you tomorrow, in Day 2; tomorrow's lesson will be "Why Should I Study Metaphysics." Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


    Jason Randhawa

    Universal Life Church