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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Universal Life Church

Hello ULC,

Welcome to Day 4 of the "What Is Metaphysics" E-Course

Today's Lesson is: "What Are The Basics of Metaphysics"

Yesterday, we discussed the broad range of topics covered by metaphysics. Today we will be talking about metaphysics' stance on these subjects.

First of all, we will discuss the concept of God. Metaphysics states that God is energy (light). God and energy mean the same thing. If you ask a metaphysician about God, he or she will say God is omnipotent, eternal, moving through form, into form, and out of form. If you ask a scientist what makes up the Universe, they will say, "energy." When you ask them what energy is, they will answer with omnipotent, eternal, moving through form, into form, and out of form. As you can see, it is the same thing; and, the difference lies solely in terminology.

Next, we are all made up of Energy, therefore we are God. Also, everything else is God, since everything else is made up of energy. If you break down anything, from humans to the computer you are reading this with, you will find it is made up of molecules. If you break the molecules down, you will get atoms. If you break atoms down, you will find a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons. But, the nucleus is not even solid because if you break this down you will get protons and neutrons. These are surrounded by energy. Essentially, everything is composed of energy. Therefore, energy is everything and everywhere; and, this is why some people say, "God is everything and everywhere." On a related note, the God you search for is you ( more on this later).

In the area of occultism, it is a common belief among metaphysicians that ESP (extra sensory perception) abilities are natural. As I covered before, ESP includes such things as telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, psychokinesis, and prophesizing the future. It has been said that we use less than 5% of the full potential of our brain. Once we tap into the unlimited potential of the mind, these abilities will become natural.

To develop your own metaphysical abilities you must begin to believe such things are possible and allow yourself to develop your powers. Once you believe it is possible, you can begin to practice these abilities. Do not give up, keep working harder, and you will begin to develop these abilities. Also, you should believe that it's easy to do, because then it will become easier. To cancel out thoughts of doubt, I find it very helpful to affirm, either in my head or out loud, to myself that "________ is very easy to do." Fill in the blank with whichever ability you wish to develop.

In the area of natural philosophy, metaphysics states that the view of nature and the physical universe, as it was before modern science, was correct. Science has made us think that we are separate from nature; this is why we exploit it, but actually we are deeply interconnected with it. Plants and animals do not think that they are separate from nature, they realize it is a part of them and they are a part of it. This is why they don't exploit nature, but rather live in harmony with it.

In the area of religion, metaphysicians can belong to all types of religions. As I have said many times before, the purpose of metaphysics is to compliment your current beliefs, and expand the limits of your limiting beliefs.

We will be going into full details on metaphysics' view of reality and your effect on it in Day 5. This is why we did not cover metaphysics' view on ontology and the philosophy of perception. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow in Day 4 of this course. As you may have already guessed, tomorrow's lesson will be "What Is Reality and What Effect Do I Have on It?" Till then, may you enjoy infinite love and happiness.


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