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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lesson 9 ~ Metaphysics Spirit Quest ~ Essay

Lesson 9 ~ Metaphysics Spirit Quest ~ Competition ~ Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman


Your other big job this week is to notice loneliness. Notice your own and notice someone else's too. Find at least 3 people to send a hello to. You never know how you will affect someone's life. By giving someone a hello, you may be the one to feel less lonely, which may save them as a being. You never know.  This was accomplished through persistence.  The first two contacts were rather easy, they were long lost friends that I keep in contact with periodically, I am sure you know what I mean, the yearly Christmas card, birth of a new family member or graduation from high school or college or one of our children.  It is good to have these contacts but there is a definite advantage to keeping in closer touch with them.   I think they genuinely were surprised at the contact, especially since there was not a major event in either of our lives taking place.  The third contact was a little bit more difficult.  During this effort I had contacted the person initially via text message (thank goodness for modern technology) and there was no response.  I do realize people are busy and may not respond in a timely manner.  So, after a few days I resorted to an email and then another one.  After about the third attempt at contact I finally got a response from them.  The response was "well aren't you tenacious".  I told him about my plight to keep our friendship alive and closer that the "holiday" kind and he did agree.  We had a very informative reunion first by email then via phone.  I believe it was uplifting for both of us with a promise at the end to keep the lines of communication open and definitely more often than just on the holiday schedule.  I sincerely did feel better after communicating with these persons and yes it did seem to fill a part of that loneliness that may happen when a friendship tends to fall to the wayside.  It's a good idea to not let this happen in the first place.  GO IN PEACE

Monday, February 11, 2013

Living From The Ego - Lesson 4

This was a tough week for me because it made me really focus on my own personal struggle in my relationships. I chose to pay attention to my feelings this week primarily because I live in the Parent Ego most of the time. I never realized how demanding I am until I took a week of evaluating my actions, words, and feelings. I don't like living in the Parent Ego. I am my mother!
When I really focused on what I was feeling about a situation I was amazed at how the two were so far apart. As an example I was critical of my husband being an enabler of his son and I realized it wasn't because he was truly enabling his son but because I was feeling defeated in my own role as a mother of a child that is dependent on me due to his disability. My expectation of what my role as a mother would be like looks completely different because of his disability and medical issues. No wonder I'm always exhausted and looking to be 'right' in every situation where there is conflict. I don't see my life in terms of benefit but more in terms of all responsibility and no joy. I'm learning to live the joy of each day.  Good lesson this week.
With many thanks and gratitude,
Lee Ann

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lesson 7 ~ Metaphysics ~ Spirit Quest ~ Meditation ~ Running Your Energy Essay

Lesson 7 ~ Metaphysics ~ Spirit Quest ~ Meditation ~ Running Your Energy Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman


I do have to say this exercise was very interesting to say the least.  I decided to rekindle two old friendships that I hadn't seen or talked with for quite some time, but we had not lost complete contact with either one.  It was amazing the results and the differences.  The first relationship I followed this lessons plan to the "T" and with high energy got in contact with this person and I did feel he fed from my emotions and did seem to be also upbeat and I could tell was genuinely happy I contacted him.  Actually, we planned for a lunch meeting (which lasted over three hours) and it was like two old college buddies reminiscing and catching up with each other.  It turned out to be a great reunion.


The second relationship I attempted to rekindle I decided not to be so upbeat at the onset of our reunion.  I did get the feeling the meeting was a tad strained.  The conversation was, what I would call forced to keep it going.  To tell you the truth about half way through the reunion I couldn't stand it and switched my demeanor to take on the more upbeat approach.  I noticed his affect was that of a bewildered person's at first.  But, eventually he started changing his affect and you could see he was becoming more relaxed with our meeting. 


I believe this definitely coincided with this lesson's overall meaning.  I do believe people tend to feed off of others energy and do follow its direction.  I was very glad in both instances to make the reconnection.  It does make you feel very good to know that you have brought a ray of sunshine into another's life.  It was very rewarding making these connections again.  GO IN PEACE

Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 2 of Insights Into Awareness

So this week was a little more laid back. I've been looking for those signs from spirit and how to incorporate them into my daily living and I must say, not a whole lot of stuff is happening now.

Last week rocked my world with the client issue but this week it's been more about personal awareness such as reaching for the phone and it rings as I pick it up. Me calling my stepmother (she's my best friend) and her saying she was just about to call me. I made some comment to my husband in the car quoting a line from the movie Napoleon Dynamite and when I turned on the TV later that day, the movie was on. It's hard to make the connection on how these seemingly random things hold a bigger impact in my life. Maybe it's still just the 'awakening' that I'm experiencing now. I do keep a journal of events and it's slowing filling up and it's exciting to go back and look over my notes. Still piecing together this crazy puzzle.
In answering some of the questions during the meditation, I know I've had those meetings with people and instantly recognizing them but I don't recall anything they may have said to me that seemed odd then but makes sense now. Maybe that's coming later as well.
I did have an issue for many years about driving in the left lane (passing lane, fast lane) that someone in the left lane on the opposite side of traffic would crash and debris would rain down on my car causing me to crash as well.  As the law of attraction would have it, I was thinking that very thing on my way home from work in 2009 and it manifested right before my eyes. Pieces of debris peppered my car and when I looked back, the driver was out of the vehicle and walking to the barrier out of traffic. Surprisingly, that fear was released and I can pass using the left lane, I can drive in the left lane when it's two lanes going one direction and no longer feel a flood of anxiety. That I believe was meant for me to release what no longer was serving me - FEAR.
I have been profoundly attracted to Sedona, Stonehenge, and New Orleans for many many years. I was finally able to travel to Stonehenge and it was all I expected it would be and more. Sedona sparked a dormant part of my soul and I wept when I drove into the red rocks. New Orleans would be my soul home. I go as often as possible and am always finding new and different places to explore and experience. I always leave wanting more.
On a final note, I think that these types of lessons for me are a slow awakening process. It's not only what I can physically see but also a poke to embrace the unseen guidance we all have available to us at all times. Just where this guidance is leading me is still an exciting journey and I hope to piece all these events together into a complete picture very soon.
With many thanks and gratitude,
Lee Ann

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lesson 3 ~ Metaphysics Spirit Quest ~ The Universe as Energy

Lesson 3 – Metaphysics Spirit Quest ~ The Universe as Energy Essay

By:  Rev. Trent Murman
Carry a small notebook or your Journal all day for three days, and write down all the important messages or lessons you pick up from daily encounters with other people, either in person, or by phone. You might begin to see some surprising patterns emerging. I have noticed over the past few days, especially around this time of the year (December), that most people are feeling pangs of frustration Many adults (18 years and older) are exhibiting signs of "the deer caught in the headlights" syndrome.  I actually heard a mother just the other day saying  and it was probably in a joking manner….I am definitely going to mass tonight.  I got a small chuckle out of this as I interpreted it to mean "she's had enough".  I think adults and children alike tend to forget the true meaning of the season and have brought this season down to the "what do I have to give and what am I going to get".  I believe we need to refocus and especially for the children so they know the true meaning of Christmas and as a wise old lady once said to me many years ago when I was but a youngster…when you write the word X-mas you are leaving Christ out of Christmas.  WOW…how profound.   
If you find yourself experiencing low energy levels and you need an energy boost, begin first by getting in touch with your body in order to clearly identify what it is that you are really feeling. Take the time to record your feelings in your Journal. This will help to clarify as well as fully identify what is happening inside yourself. Take a few moments to pull in energy from the Universal Source. Understand that no matter where you are, your breath is always with you.  I think particularly at this time of the year, this year, having just lost a parent a year ago has been tough and I do feel somewhat energy drained.  I believe for those of us experiencing this it is necessary to remember the family and friends we do have around us.  As clergy we are expected to be the rock of the family.  Energy is all around us.  Energy is expendable.  Energy is ever constant.  Energy is there for the taking and I believe God has called us to carry on His work, so we need to pull from that great energy from Him and channel it through our own bodies into helping us bring positive energy to everyone we meet, no matter how long or brief your encounter may be. 

We all need to remember tension can be dealt with in many different ways.  I believe you should deal with it in whatever manner works best for you.  Whatever it is you need to calm yourself down when you feel you are being stressed and re-establish yourself when you have the overload feeling be sure to get to your neutral place and deal with your inner being.  Please remember you are awesome at listening and being others sounding board, don't forget to listen to what your body is yelling at you.  GO IN PEACE