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Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 2 of Insights Into Awareness

So this week was a little more laid back. I've been looking for those signs from spirit and how to incorporate them into my daily living and I must say, not a whole lot of stuff is happening now.

Last week rocked my world with the client issue but this week it's been more about personal awareness such as reaching for the phone and it rings as I pick it up. Me calling my stepmother (she's my best friend) and her saying she was just about to call me. I made some comment to my husband in the car quoting a line from the movie Napoleon Dynamite and when I turned on the TV later that day, the movie was on. It's hard to make the connection on how these seemingly random things hold a bigger impact in my life. Maybe it's still just the 'awakening' that I'm experiencing now. I do keep a journal of events and it's slowing filling up and it's exciting to go back and look over my notes. Still piecing together this crazy puzzle.
In answering some of the questions during the meditation, I know I've had those meetings with people and instantly recognizing them but I don't recall anything they may have said to me that seemed odd then but makes sense now. Maybe that's coming later as well.
I did have an issue for many years about driving in the left lane (passing lane, fast lane) that someone in the left lane on the opposite side of traffic would crash and debris would rain down on my car causing me to crash as well.  As the law of attraction would have it, I was thinking that very thing on my way home from work in 2009 and it manifested right before my eyes. Pieces of debris peppered my car and when I looked back, the driver was out of the vehicle and walking to the barrier out of traffic. Surprisingly, that fear was released and I can pass using the left lane, I can drive in the left lane when it's two lanes going one direction and no longer feel a flood of anxiety. That I believe was meant for me to release what no longer was serving me - FEAR.
I have been profoundly attracted to Sedona, Stonehenge, and New Orleans for many many years. I was finally able to travel to Stonehenge and it was all I expected it would be and more. Sedona sparked a dormant part of my soul and I wept when I drove into the red rocks. New Orleans would be my soul home. I go as often as possible and am always finding new and different places to explore and experience. I always leave wanting more.
On a final note, I think that these types of lessons for me are a slow awakening process. It's not only what I can physically see but also a poke to embrace the unseen guidance we all have available to us at all times. Just where this guidance is leading me is still an exciting journey and I hope to piece all these events together into a complete picture very soon.
With many thanks and gratitude,
Lee Ann

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