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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] on emptiness.

Dear ULC,

Whereas many spiritual teachers preach abundance, I am currently appreciating emptiness. The space between these words and the spaces between and within these letters contain infinite meaning.

Let the waters settle
you will see stars and moon
mirrored in your Being.

-- Rumi

Through emptiness or lack we can appreciate wholeness.

From weakness we can gain strength.

When one has everything then there is no need to grow or move forward.

When I feel empty, I am lacking the negative and the positive. I lack a self. I lack an ego.

When I am not there, I am released from guilt, pain, and suffering. By detaching myself from myself, virtues such as patience, integrity, and honour come into being. In emptiness I even find abundance.

The blank page gives us the right to dream.
--Baston Bachelard

Emptiness is the root of matter. When we think of a box we think of the physical container, but actually the box is nothing without the empty space it holds. This conceptualizes what actually occurs on a microscopic level (little atoms, which make up all physical matter, are composed mostly of empty space) and on a cosmic level in outer SPACE.

Emptiness is the other half to Infinite Beingness.

This concept applies to your life when you energetically tune in to the space between your body's cells, and breathe into your vast Emptiness.

And when we learn to let things go

Grateful for all we lack,


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