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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest
     This was the first program I have taken from Universal Life Church , and I must say, I found the program to be very interesting and enlightening.  Before taking the program I had never really given much thought to setting Spiritual Goals.  After reading lesson 1, I realized  that my life has actually been taken charge of me, rather than me taking care of my life.  I am still in the process of setting my goals. 
      Lesson 2 on Forgiveness brought up an interesting point I had not considered, and that was that "the person you refuse to forgive owns you."  After pondering on that statement ,I came to realize how true that statement actually is.  The holding of anger and resentment does have a tendency to free your spirit and relive pent up pain and anger. 
     Five lessons really gave me a hard time to get into.  They were lessons 3 thru 6 and lesson 12.  Even after completing the program, I still feel like I am having problems with meditation, grounding and cords.  I still don't really feel that I have mastered these two sections.  I can't say that I have found a rose or my third eye at this time, but I will keep trying until I do.  As for Chakras, I understand what they are and where they are located in the body and their purpose but I can't really say I have a complete handle on them.  I don't feel that I have completely cleansed them.  Again, it is something I will need to keep working on until I feel comfortable with the reading. 
     The lessons dealing with Spirit Communication was interesting.  I had never really thought of the way spirits communicate with us.  Thinking back on times now, I have a better understanding on how and why I have made choices on different things in my life.
     Throughout the program I particularly like how each lesson ended.  The assignments at the end of each lesson gave you a chance to bring each lesson home.  Even though I still haven't completely overcome the five lessons I mentioned earlier in this paper, it gives me goals to complete as I continue.  The other part of the ending was the reminding us that we are perfect beings,  that we were created in perfection, by perfection and that God loves us, there by guaranteeing our success.
     I received an email saying that there has been a lot of requests for the book that goes along with the program.  I was lucky enough to have purchased the book at the beginning of the program and found it to be very helpful.  Perhaps the book should be required for the program along with the weekly emails.  I am currently taking the Metaphysical Healing Program, and feel that a similar book would enhance that program also.
     In closing, again let me say that I found the program very interesting.  It allowed me to look at live and myself in a different way and hopefully will allow me to become a better person.
             Rev. Henry Michalski, Jr.

Thanks for the opportunity for taking the program.  It was very pleasing and intersting, so much so, that I have signed up for the
Metaphysical Healing Program.