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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest
     This was the first program I have taken from Universal Life Church , and I must say, I found the program to be very interesting and enlightening.  Before taking the program I had never really given much thought to setting Spiritual Goals.  After reading lesson 1, I realized  that my life has actually been taken charge of me, rather than me taking care of my life.  I am still in the process of setting my goals. 
      Lesson 2 on Forgiveness brought up an interesting point I had not considered, and that was that "the person you refuse to forgive owns you."  After pondering on that statement ,I came to realize how true that statement actually is.  The holding of anger and resentment does have a tendency to free your spirit and relive pent up pain and anger. 
     Five lessons really gave me a hard time to get into.  They were lessons 3 thru 6 and lesson 12.  Even after completing the program, I still feel like I am having problems with meditation, grounding and cords.  I still don't really feel that I have mastered these two sections.  I can't say that I have found a rose or my third eye at this time, but I will keep trying until I do.  As for Chakras, I understand what they are and where they are located in the body and their purpose but I can't really say I have a complete handle on them.  I don't feel that I have completely cleansed them.  Again, it is something I will need to keep working on until I feel comfortable with the reading. 
     The lessons dealing with Spirit Communication was interesting.  I had never really thought of the way spirits communicate with us.  Thinking back on times now, I have a better understanding on how and why I have made choices on different things in my life.
     Throughout the program I particularly like how each lesson ended.  The assignments at the end of each lesson gave you a chance to bring each lesson home.  Even though I still haven't completely overcome the five lessons I mentioned earlier in this paper, it gives me goals to complete as I continue.  The other part of the ending was the reminding us that we are perfect beings,  that we were created in perfection, by perfection and that God loves us, there by guaranteeing our success.
     I received an email saying that there has been a lot of requests for the book that goes along with the program.  I was lucky enough to have purchased the book at the beginning of the program and found it to be very helpful.  Perhaps the book should be required for the program along with the weekly emails.  I am currently taking the Metaphysical Healing Program, and feel that a similar book would enhance that program also.
     In closing, again let me say that I found the program very interesting.  It allowed me to look at live and myself in a different way and hopefully will allow me to become a better person.
             Rev. Henry Michalski, Jr.

Thanks for the opportunity for taking the program.  It was very pleasing and intersting, so much so, that I have signed up for the
Metaphysical Healing Program.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] on emptiness.

Dear ULC,

Whereas many spiritual teachers preach abundance, I am currently appreciating emptiness. The space between these words and the spaces between and within these letters contain infinite meaning.

Let the waters settle
you will see stars and moon
mirrored in your Being.

-- Rumi

Through emptiness or lack we can appreciate wholeness.

From weakness we can gain strength.

When one has everything then there is no need to grow or move forward.

When I feel empty, I am lacking the negative and the positive. I lack a self. I lack an ego.

When I am not there, I am released from guilt, pain, and suffering. By detaching myself from myself, virtues such as patience, integrity, and honour come into being. In emptiness I even find abundance.

The blank page gives us the right to dream.
--Baston Bachelard

Emptiness is the root of matter. When we think of a box we think of the physical container, but actually the box is nothing without the empty space it holds. This conceptualizes what actually occurs on a microscopic level (little atoms, which make up all physical matter, are composed mostly of empty space) and on a cosmic level in outer SPACE.

Emptiness is the other half to Infinite Beingness.

This concept applies to your life when you energetically tune in to the space between your body's cells, and breathe into your vast Emptiness.

And when we learn to let things go

Grateful for all we lack,


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] on reliance/humility instead of defiance/arrogance.

Dear ULC,

Today's topic is reliance not defiance (with reference to the Universe).

Living in Presence, there is no other way than acceptance of what is.

What is, is. And what is not, is not!

Many of us try to defy this simple truth.

Words are not enough.

We must live in faith and simplicity of heart and mind.

We should remember to live life on life's terms, by practicing spiritual reliance rather than ego-based defiance and realizing that acceptance is the solution to all of our problems.

Do you trust your Creator?

Who are you living for? Is there even a "you" to begin with?

Sadness and self-hate are arrogance. Who are you to be upset with yourself, or towards external people, places or things? As a child of the Infinite, it is arrogant (not to mention unwise) to view yourself or others negatively. Judgment and criticism are arrogance.

Knowing is arrogant. Learning is arrogant.

All we need is within us now.

With trust in One, we know that we do not need to learn anything.

Integrity, truthfulness, patience, and faith are not arrogant. And these require practice to develop. We do not learn these, we live them.

Each day, one tiny step at a time!

Think of baby steps as you attend to the development of these virtues each second. Once you can do them for one second, then try for a minute, then for an hour, and then for a whole day. When you fail, own up to your mistake and try again. Honesty and perseverance are valuable on this path.

Once you realize these virtues each day, focusing on one day at a time, you will begin to experience a lifetime of fullness through humility and reliance, rather than weakness through arrogance and defiance. Remember this is beyond ego; it is regarding a power greater than yourself, which is other than yourself.

Thank you for tuning in to this issue of the Metaphysical Mind Ezine on reliance and humility, as opposed to arrogance and defiance. Hope you practice (spiritual) reliance today!


PS The next issue of "Metaphysical Mind" will be shorter than this one, on the topic of emptiness, which you can expect to receive on October 2nd.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] on understanding simple truths.

Dear ULC,

Wanda Lawson guest-authored the following issue on the topic of understanding simple truths.

Wanda recently started a blog called Understanding Simple Truths that was the source of all the writings below. The title of this blog is very significant to me, as I am currently in the process of understanding many simple truths that have been right in front of my face for some time.

For example, I see now that everything we need to know arrives through experience rather than metaphysical philosophy or spiritual teachings. This is a simple truth.

Please find a link to her blog at the end of this ezine. We hope you find value in it!

"The absolute truth exists only in our hearts, our true selves."

"Karma is the energy you create by every action you perform."

Deep Thoughts

Watching the movie "The Shift" by Dr. Dyer, I had an epiphany. All the things that the New Age movement, again, I don't like that term because it is actually not New, are not all that necessary to perform.

It was not only the movie that caused this, it was an awareness I was in the process of obtaining before that.

What I used to do, no longer applies. All the rituals, the "preaching", the intensity, the obscure actions that make others think you are "crazy"...lol, the trying to change others with your words, the desire to get your point across, and what not.....there are NO secrets to life and how to live it.

I have always thought that life should not be complicated and we do that to ourselves. It should be simple. Of course it doesn't always appear to be that way because of others choices that affect our lives, but what counts is how we react to those choices.

I learned that the simplest form of being is in the Hua Hu Ching, written by Lao Tzu. It's the unknown teachings of Lao Tzu.

Number 51 says, "Those who want to know the truth of the universe should practice the four cardinal virtues.

1. Reverence for all of life
This manifests as unconditional love and respect for oneself and all other beings.

2. Natural sincerity
This manifests as honesty, simplicity and faithfulness.

3. Gentleness
This manifests as kindness, consideration for others and sensitivity to spiritual truth.

4. Supportiveness
This manifests as service to others without expectation of reward."

So, my thoughts on this is if you follow the 4 virtues, all else will fall into place. I will say again, there are NO SECRETS. You can find basically the same thing in the Bible. I just so happen to resonate with older teachings than that, just my preference.

For myself, as I have mentioned before, not everything is a one size fits all. Adapting a positive healthy lifestyle can have different paths for different personalities. We should all respect that and support one another in our individual efforts to accomplish this...in the NOW.

My heart goes out to those that struggle on a daily basis with their health and life. Maybe we can touch some one's life in a way that will take that stress away, that is our purpose....to love, unconditionally because we came here as ONE.....a part of one another.

Love yourself,

Don't be a doormat for anyone.

Stand [up] for yourself Be at peace within so you can share that peace with others.

Share with your actions Simply be who you were meant to be.

Develop a undivisional relationship with your True Self



For as long as I can remember, I have been on a lifelong quest for life's answers.

I found comfort in searching for truth. Now, my seeking has come to an end. Not because I feel as if I know everything, but because I now realize that all those answers are within each one of us.

Does that mean that I will stop reading and researching? No it does not. I will still feed my body, mind, and soul with positive books, articles, blogs, and the like. I will serve my purpose as a teacher.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And I will always be a student of life, just in a different perspective than one who is constantly seeking.

When you are ready to stop seeking, you will begin to grow spiritually because you have found your true self and have become aware. You will no longer "wonder" the why's and how's of life.

Everything just is as it is. All of this will become a natural awareness that comforts you in the NOW.

Understanding this, becomes a simple truth.

This issue was compiled entirely by the writings of Wanda Lawson (Texas). Wanda is the published author of "Prisoner and Pain," available on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

We can make a difference by becoming aware of our true selves through Divine guidance. Once this takes place, we can share our experiences of life for consideration and touch many hearts along the way.

Learn more here: www.understandingsimpletruths.org

Contact email: understandingsimpletruths@gmail.com

"Love yourself enough to be a part of the change by changing yourself." – Wanda Lawson

Hope you understand these simple truths,


PS Next issue of "Metaphysical Mind" will be a short one on spiritual reliance rather than self-centered defiance, which you can expect to receive on September 18th.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] On the power and integrity of your Higher Power

Dear ULC,

The topic of today's Metaphysical Mind is one that I have recently begun to understand.

In the past I have thought of myself as my own Higher Power but now I am finally learning that God is a power much greater than myself.

Now when I am struggling or facing a difficult situation (usually due to a selfish desire for a positive outcome for me), I do my best to let go absolutely and turn the challenge over to my Higher Power.

This takes great trust, but who can I trust more than my Creator?

Hope you enjoy today's article:

Trust in the Power and Integrity of the Creator by Bill Bowles

Human-kind is generally concerned only with the material things of life. That is, all that has a direct effect on the comfort and well being of the individual. To ask someone if he or she believes in, or has experienced, some form of spiritual existence parallel to or perhaps preceding or succeeding the familiar material world would, in all probability, result in at best a vague acknowledgement coupled with a swift retreat into the world of the senses. 'That which I can SEE, HEAR, TASTE, SMELL or FEEL, this I understand for it is part of my every-day life. If these things cease, then surely I also cease.'

Any belief to the contrary, outside of, and even within the major religious groups, is held to be something which belongs to the realms of cranks and the unbalanced or even the insane. Yet recent work in the fields of Quantum and Metaphysics is laying before the NORMAL world, indisputable proof, which has for so long, been regarded as fantasy or the work of a disturbed mind, but must now be given credence amongst the findings of the scientific world.

Recognition and acceptance of various field theories are things which can no longer be ignored and must now become part of LIFE. Is there something in addition to and beyond just the five senses with which we are all so familiar?

The answer must be a resounding "YES!"

The ancient Sanskrit writings describe a 'primary substance' called Akasha which is said to be of microscopic fineness and exquisite delicacy.

That out of which Everything is Formed

It is not limited or confined in any way and is everywhere present. It is sensitive to the slightest vibration, physical or electro-magnetic, anywhere in the universe.

Let us examine and try to define this 'primary substance'. It is said to be without limitation and also to be everywhere present. This must mean it could be likened to an all pervading invisible mist. It is possessed of exquisite delicacy, which would indicate a benevolent sensitivity. It is of such a nature as to be sensitive to, or aware of, the slightest vibration anywhere. It is that out of which everything is formed. Bearing all this in mind one must also assume that 'Primary' indicates original or first, before all else and 'Substance' some form of, in this case, matter (energy) of immeasurable fineness.

We have then, something that reacts to and also registers any energy input anywhere at any time. We also find that the information registered during these energy vibrations is stored and is retrievable. Our thoughts and actions, in fact the actions of anything within this field of awareness from a rock lying on the ground to the most sophisticated examples of life, must be constituent parts of this primary substance. It is everywhere present, therefore must encompass all matter within its scope.

Surely then, this 'Akasha' can be referred to as a universal consciousness or mind.

The source of all that exists and therefore the source of all creation.

Thus we have an unchanging absolute in which we can place our confidence and trust. Something that has always existed, always will exist, out of which everything is formed and embraces all knowledge and wisdom.

The Creator

In Whom I Place My Trust

© William R. Bowles 2012

You may direct comments and questions to Bill Bowles directly here: fussie[at]telkomsa.net

Hoping you accept God's vision for your life today,


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Friday, August 3, 2012

On service to others before the self

Thank you for tuning in to this issue of Metaphysical Mind written by Bill Bowles (BB).
Among the many ideas Bill has shared with me, none stand out more than the rejection of human greed and the principle of service to others before self.
In case you missed the last issue of this Ezine, read it here: http://www.whatismetaphysics.com/bill-bowles-ezine-1-of-3.html
In one of the articles he shared with me, he wrote: "I wonder why the youth almost universally reject the opinions of the 'old folk'. Then they rush off and make the same mistakes that have been made so many times before." This question spoke to me personally so I decided to answer it as best as I could here.
In my opinion, the reason why is basically human nature or a lack of connection to God. It is out of selfishness that we are so prone to disregard the teachings of others and to learn from our own experience, however costly it may be. Heck, many of us (myself included) even try to resist the will of our Creator.
To the young people, we must try to understand our elders rather than to be understood by them.
Just a Thought by Bill Bowles
Reading in the first chapter of the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible (the story of the creation of the earth and its living inhabitants); one wonders if it would not have been better if creation had stopped after the fourth day. Once animal life and men and women appeared on the scene they have done little else but destroy what was originally perfection.
Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt here.
Some principle that our societies could embrace that would ultimately lead to a perfect solution to the plethora of problems that we experience today.
It is a frightening thought that we, as the controlling inhabitants of this world, are responsible, either wholly or partially, for everything that is wrong with our current circumstances. If we spend a little time in examining the motives that have propelled us into this situation, we find that greed is almost exclusively responsible. The desire to possess or in some way acquire something to which we had no right in the first place.
Immediately the solution presents itself.
Place the desires and needs of another before the desires and needs of self.
Is the solution to the multiplicity of social problems of today so simple? If we place the needs of our neighbour before those we see as our own then there will be no place for greed. If greed is overcome there is no longer any necessity to destroy the equanimity of others by trying to take from them what is rightfully theirs and not ours.
All of creation was and is the ultimate act of giving. A beautiful gift, as is indeed life itself and all we can do is damage and destroy. Let's change that and establish giving as our lifestyle instead of taking.
There comes a time in the lives of all people when we are faced with making a crucial decision and are at a loss as to what would be the correct action in the circumstances that face us. It is well at such times, to take a little longer and to consider who else may be affected and how. The old maxim "act in haste and repent at leisure" is a truth more often than not.
Once again we find that placing the desires and needs of others before our own usually points us to the solution we are seeking.

And now a poem titled "Where Are We Going?"
Sometimes when travelling in a group,
Being led by one who is astute,
It will be heard from those who follow,
"Where are we going in this rush?
Where is it that you're taking us?"
Then if there's no clear destination,
Just mumbled word and deviation,
Then we must ask again quite clearly,
"Where is it that you're taking us?
We need to know if we're to trust
The words you speak and path you take.
Confusion now's a grave mistake-
If you can't tell us plainly, friend,
Then trusting you as guide must end.
There should be purpose in this chase,
To reach that holy long-sought place
And there to find the great reward,
Promised' us by The Lord."
The moral of this little tale?
Don't let foolish words prevail
Upon good sense and leadership,
When seeking your discipleship.

Little Children vs. Our Greed
When one looks at the wonder, innocence and trust that shine out of a child's eyes then we, having seen and meditated on this, must wonder at the validity of knowledge and progress. Why is it that as we grow older we seek to possess everything that we see? The first question that we learn to ask as children is, will what we see fulfil our needs and desires. If the answer is yes, then we seek to acquire what we see or in some way duplicate what is seen thereby availing ourselves of the benefit enjoyed by the current owner or possessor.
Greed must be the ugliest word in any language. It speaks of the desire to acquire or possess more than is rightfully ours, more than we need for our comfort and wellbeing. If we can find a way of eradicating this word and all its connotations from our understanding then surely we will have found a solution to the great majority of the social ills that beset humanity.
So many times we return to the same solution of this problem found in the world of man. Place the needs of another before those that you see as your own.
As we grow in knowledge and capability we create more and greater innovations in the name of progress, then we see more and because we see more we desire more. Has progress created monsters out of men and women? Beings that, because they see, they must possess what they see?
If we do not progress in knowledge and capability we will regress and eventually become extinct: OR SO WE ARE TOLD. Then men devise great schemes to feed and clothe the needy: to build sufficient housing and to care for the destitute, the sick and the disabled. If we look back at the root causes of these conditions we find that there is a common factor. Greed!
To get back to our wondering and innocent child. If that child is not hungry, is clothed and has care and shelter, then there is no complaint.
Let's make this our first and greatest ambition; to build a society where the tears of a cold and hungry child are never seen.
Let's try thinking of the needs of our neighbour BEFORE we think of ourselves!!
Then let's teach others to do the same.

Be Well,
PS As always, you may access your Metaphysical Library here: http://www.whatismetaphysics.com/metaphysicalbonuses.html (please copy-and-paste this link into your browser if it is not clickable).
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dr. Spirituality lesson 14 from Monnie

Good morning Amy,
Here is my response to lesson 14 Healing Depression

We were to do a smiling meditation 10 minutes twice a day and report on our experiences.

I found it difficult to smile for 10 minutes twice a day during a meditation. I regularly do a breathing meditation in the morning.  With my clients I help them do the following meditation , "Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile."  I find this helpful, as do my clients. I do a different meditation at night on a regular basis.  While I appreciate the helpful hints in terms of conquering negative thinking and in having an attitude of gratitude and finding joy in life I do not believe these things conquer deep depression. I believe these tips are helpful for everyone and they do have a positive impact I do not think they "heal depression." 

Depression is a medical imbalance in the body.  No matter how much I laugh (and I laugh a lot during each day) and no matter how grateful I am (and I do have an attitude of gratitude, and no matter how much I pray (I pray regularly throughout the day) and no matter how much medication I take ( take a depression medication) I still experience depression.  This condition runs in my family.  I see myself as a basically happy person who enjoys life and my friends and colleagues see me in this light also. So in conclusion while I liked the sentiment of this lesson, and while I think the lesson is helpful in combating "the blues", I do not think it "heals depression." 

It does however improve one's quality of life. Monnie

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Master of Metaphysics - Spirit Quest Final Essay

Master of Metaphysics - Spirit Quest Final Essay

This course has been informative, enlightening, and enjoyable. Each week I have eagerly awaited the next discourse to arrive in my email inbox. Aside from getting it over with as a developmental phase, I'm actually disappointed that the course is over.

The style of writing Reverend Long uses is very down home, friendly, and unpretentious. She's candid about her own, personal experiences regarding the subject matter. The tone and personality of each discourse was what I would expect from a sister or cousin writing a letter to me, not what I would expect from an academic series of lessons.

No mumbo - jumbo. No 'Doctor Peabody and Swami McGillicutty say ...' It's just Rev. Amy Long, in a voice that could be coming from next door, telling what she knows to be true, actual, and factual. Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to follow, presented in a logical sequence, I recommend this to those wishing to learn the practical side of Metaphysics.

The first two or three discourses tended to offer fairly standard concepts and techniques in Psychology. I thought initially that the course had either been mislabeled, or misrepresented. Then the discourses seem to have digressed into very silly exercises ... that actually work like a charm once a person sits down and does them.

I  actually had problems forming the visualizations. I still do to some extent. I can not completely visualize, I can not fully see my grounding cord going all the way to the center of the Earth in my minds eye.

I cannot seem to visualize roses either, but I have little problem visualizing the roses as balloons. The only exception is that I can visualize my protection rose as a rose. Also, instead of it being out in front of me, I am in the center of it.

With the protection rose out in front of me, negative energy was able to get to me. Worse, I was able to generate negative energy myself ... and both external and internal negative energy would have a feeding frenzy every so often. Surrounded by my protection rose, which is clear, and set to attract, neutralize, and dispose of negative energy from any source, I now find the technique phenomenally effective.

These variances in practice do not seem to matter. I have had some quite phenomenal results.

I begin sending out greeting roses -  balloons to people. I am incredibly girl shy. Some of these greeting roses -  balloons were too young women I would like to have other than a passing - by non - relationship type relationships with.

Amazingly, with each young woman to whom I sent a greeting rose - balloon, there now exists at least a friendly relationship where no relationship at all had existed before. I have been in close proximity to each of these young ladies for quite a while.

With one young woman in particular, there now is exists a frustrated relationship, as each of us is incredibly shy of each other's gender, and neither of us is exactly sure how to proceed with the other.

The techniques prescribed in this course have otherwise given me tools for more objective thinking, and better stress management. This course is well worth the time and effort it takes to complete, and is worth many times over what the course cost.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Spirit Quest Final Essay

By Rev Naunie Maddox

    Spirit Quest was and still is an on going learning journey for me.  There are countless ways in which to use the Spirit Quest information.  This has been an invaluable course for me.

I now find myself grounding myself several times a day. Destroying and recreating grounding cords. I experiment with what they look like and what size they, all the way down to what they look like.  Being grounded has been (past tense) a huge issue for me.  My whole life I have struggled with it.  It comes natural now and my life has improved in many ways.

I even ground my home, job, bank account, and my relationships.  It's wonderful energetic house cleaning.  Being highly empathic, knowing and feeling everyone's thoughts and feelings around me became confusing. Not knowing what was mine and what belonged to someone else can be overwhelming.  I have had to isolate myself from large groups, crowds, public places, and to a large extent isolate myself from friends and family.  With the tools to purge from me what is Not mine has helped immensely.  I am getting out more often and my income has improved. 

I am grateful for the tools to ground male and female energy. Wow, I had no clue that could be done.

The roses are awesome.  It really energetically changes situations, thoughts, and feelings in a positive manner.  Not to mention becoming present and having easy tools to utilize for staying present and grounded is fantastic.

The Golden Sun is an essential in my life now.  I have in the past known about clearing energy but that creates a void or a vacuum.  Filling up my energy with my Golden Sun is a great way to really keep my energy clean and gave me the tools to manifest much more in my life and increase my personal power.  I filled up me and that helps with clarity. 

I enjoyed the information on communicating with spirit and the many ways spirit communicates.  I am a much more effective channel for spirit now and the "rose lie detector" as I call it is helpful tool. 

I had no clue about baby spirits.  That was new information for me.  I have had similar experiences without ever knowing what I was dealing with.  I had been a few days pregnant actually several times and I could feel it. I would end up having a bad feeling about it and just clear my energy of what does not serve my highest and greatest good and the pregnancies would then terminate.  I am glad to know about them now.  Thank you!!!

I have learned a lot about my own soul and my incarnations through this course.  I have gained much clarity and understanding.

My journey through this course has been enjoyable and quite a learning experience.  I have been able to change my thought patterns and open my consciousness much more.

Blessings and Thank you
Rev Naunie Maddox

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spirit Quest Essay

A year ago I became very ill and I also developed narcolepsy. I had to make rapid changes in my life, resign from my job as a crisis nurse, and I was going to have to stop driving. My ex-husband and I had been friends for years. He extended an invitation for me to relocate from Virginia back to Minnesota and to house share with him. So I chose this option.

I left a career, a cottage that I had redone, friends, the ocean, mountains and so much more, so there were a lot of losses. No longer being able to drive was also a life changing event and a huge loss.

On the positive side, I was able to activate my retirement, I would be closer to my sons and grandchildren, and, I was going to be given a lot of time to pursue some things I had not had time for earlier in my life.

I had conversations with Amy Long regarding the seminary program and what courses to take. Finally I decided one of the courses would be Spirit Quest. I was going through losses, changes, and it would be a wonderful time to explore different coping methods, to further explore my own spiritual journey, and to also sort out old wounds, traumas, and or dysfunctional behaviors I had created a long this life journey. Since I was no longer going to be able to do many things I had done for so long, it was great time to set new goals based on the many changes and to explore what options I would now have to work with.

I had not realized how deeply the Spirit Quest Course would take me, how deeply I would journey to the past traumas of my life. I had not realized how I would learn to see how those traumas and the dysfunctional coping behaviors I had created were the dark shadows and the demons of my nightmares or how I would learn the new tools taught in this course in how to release what was no longer serving me or my spiritual journey.

One part of this course teaches how to use roses, how to create the image of a rose in our mind, then how to put an unwanted thought, memory, experience, negative energy, negativity that someone else was sending at me, and more, into that rose. Then you blow up the rose. The course also taught how to create grounding cords, which connect one with the earth, which can bring the grounding, healing, constant connection to our earth mother and all the strength and nurturing this will bring. We are also taught how to bring in the golden light from the sun into our space and energy.

These tools become the vehicle that a person can use to travel down those "memory lanes" of trauma, exploring the wounds, the traumas, hurts, or what ever dysfunction that a person may have on that journey. Soon the method becomes easier and easier to use.

As I traveled this path and used the roses, I began to notice how much more quickly I was able to really identify problems, how I was no longer afraid to see them, and how when I did find them, I could then make a choice what I wanted to do with that specific problem. Often that problem would go into a rose and I would explode the rose. I stayed grounded, then brought in the sun and light to heal that energy space, my heart, my child, my mind and emotions and most important, my spirit and or my relationship with my spirit.

As I journeyed these past 8 months through this course, I was also beginning to see how what I was learning affected my relationships and or challenges in the present in increasingly healthy ways. The more of the old dysfunctional behaviors and ways of reacting were being released, the less I needed to be reactive to what some one else was doing or saying, or with their behavior. My objectivity was increasing.

I was also losing the triggers that had been so much a part of my life. So often some thing would trigger a memory, a reaction, an emotion, and these things and their patterns were deeply ingrained in my life. In doing the releasing, the triggers were disappearing as well. Or if I was triggered, I could pop the event that had triggered me into a rose and then take the time to explore the event, then blow up the rose, and bring in the healing light and, of course, I would have stayed grounded with the grounding cord during all of this.

As all of this was occurring, I soon discovered how much easier it was becoming to remain calm when some one else was acting out or sending negativity my way. I was finding I had better sight and better protection, which increased my objectivity with that person or event. What I was learning helped me have clear and more rational thought, and an increased ability to not react, rather, to take the moment to explore what was really going on with that person. Often what was going on had nothing to do with me, other then I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that person was looking for some thing to dump their anger or frustration on.

So it was becoming easier not to own the other person's reaction, not to react to their behavior, and it became easier to allow them the right to own their problem and reaction. With this skill increasing, it also became easier to, if I chose to do this, assist the person with calming, exploring what their real problem was, and then helping them explore options they could use to manage their problem in a more positive and healthy way.

In these past 8 months additional skills continued to build on the new skills I had been learning. Boundaries were also affected, the ability to create healthier boundaries, the ability to calmly set healthier boundaries, the ability to more clearly state my own needs and what was comfortable for me was increasing.

On the opposite side of this, was growing comfort in knowing the gift of compromise, of more calmly being able to see the other person's point of view or their needs. One example of this is my ex-husband likes more open spaces and does not like clutter. I loved clutter, had lots of collectables, books, art, etc. and had always had these things out about where I could see them.

This was a point of friction between my ex-husband and I in the beginning. Finally one day, I was able to really step into his shoes, understand his perspective, and then I was able to more clearly honor and respect his needs. I chose then to really de-clutter and to really make choices about what I could and needed to release from my life. I got rid of clothes, paintings, art work, books, and so much more. I took time with my things, my collectables, tried to find homes for things that I knew other people might need. I said goodby to so many things.

When it was all over, I discovered how much freer I felt, how it seemed a huge burden had been lifted off of me and how the tremendous chaos piece of my life was being diminished.

There is so much more to this course that I have not even touched on. I would encourage any one that is facing change, or facing the need to change, to explore this course and the many gifts and tools it brings.

At the end of these 8 months, there has been so much clearing on every level of my emotions, memory, spiritual, and even with the things in my physical environment. Clutter on any level comes between us and our Spirit, our Spirits, and the Creator.

The name "Spirit Quest" implies we are going on a search for our Spirit. Before I could go on a search, the course had me getting rid of things. I finally realized that all of those things had been blocking my view and connection with my Spirit. I did not need to go any further to search for my Spirit..........I just need to get rid of stuff.

I wish to thank Amy Long for creating this course and her willingness to share so much of herself, her own journey, and her life. This course has been a wonderful gift to me, my life, my Spirit, and, to those that are in my life and love me. Not only is it easier for me to be with them, it is now much easier for them to be with me.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Rev. Victoria Hogan