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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Metaphysical Mind] on reliance/humility instead of defiance/arrogance.

Dear ULC,

Today's topic is reliance not defiance (with reference to the Universe).

Living in Presence, there is no other way than acceptance of what is.

What is, is. And what is not, is not!

Many of us try to defy this simple truth.

Words are not enough.

We must live in faith and simplicity of heart and mind.

We should remember to live life on life's terms, by practicing spiritual reliance rather than ego-based defiance and realizing that acceptance is the solution to all of our problems.

Do you trust your Creator?

Who are you living for? Is there even a "you" to begin with?

Sadness and self-hate are arrogance. Who are you to be upset with yourself, or towards external people, places or things? As a child of the Infinite, it is arrogant (not to mention unwise) to view yourself or others negatively. Judgment and criticism are arrogance.

Knowing is arrogant. Learning is arrogant.

All we need is within us now.

With trust in One, we know that we do not need to learn anything.

Integrity, truthfulness, patience, and faith are not arrogant. And these require practice to develop. We do not learn these, we live them.

Each day, one tiny step at a time!

Think of baby steps as you attend to the development of these virtues each second. Once you can do them for one second, then try for a minute, then for an hour, and then for a whole day. When you fail, own up to your mistake and try again. Honesty and perseverance are valuable on this path.

Once you realize these virtues each day, focusing on one day at a time, you will begin to experience a lifetime of fullness through humility and reliance, rather than weakness through arrogance and defiance. Remember this is beyond ego; it is regarding a power greater than yourself, which is other than yourself.

Thank you for tuning in to this issue of the Metaphysical Mind Ezine on reliance and humility, as opposed to arrogance and defiance. Hope you practice (spiritual) reliance today!


PS The next issue of "Metaphysical Mind" will be shorter than this one, on the topic of emptiness, which you can expect to receive on October 2nd.

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