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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Spirit Quest Final Essay

By Rev Naunie Maddox

    Spirit Quest was and still is an on going learning journey for me.  There are countless ways in which to use the Spirit Quest information.  This has been an invaluable course for me.

I now find myself grounding myself several times a day. Destroying and recreating grounding cords. I experiment with what they look like and what size they, all the way down to what they look like.  Being grounded has been (past tense) a huge issue for me.  My whole life I have struggled with it.  It comes natural now and my life has improved in many ways.

I even ground my home, job, bank account, and my relationships.  It's wonderful energetic house cleaning.  Being highly empathic, knowing and feeling everyone's thoughts and feelings around me became confusing. Not knowing what was mine and what belonged to someone else can be overwhelming.  I have had to isolate myself from large groups, crowds, public places, and to a large extent isolate myself from friends and family.  With the tools to purge from me what is Not mine has helped immensely.  I am getting out more often and my income has improved. 

I am grateful for the tools to ground male and female energy. Wow, I had no clue that could be done.

The roses are awesome.  It really energetically changes situations, thoughts, and feelings in a positive manner.  Not to mention becoming present and having easy tools to utilize for staying present and grounded is fantastic.

The Golden Sun is an essential in my life now.  I have in the past known about clearing energy but that creates a void or a vacuum.  Filling up my energy with my Golden Sun is a great way to really keep my energy clean and gave me the tools to manifest much more in my life and increase my personal power.  I filled up me and that helps with clarity. 

I enjoyed the information on communicating with spirit and the many ways spirit communicates.  I am a much more effective channel for spirit now and the "rose lie detector" as I call it is helpful tool. 

I had no clue about baby spirits.  That was new information for me.  I have had similar experiences without ever knowing what I was dealing with.  I had been a few days pregnant actually several times and I could feel it. I would end up having a bad feeling about it and just clear my energy of what does not serve my highest and greatest good and the pregnancies would then terminate.  I am glad to know about them now.  Thank you!!!

I have learned a lot about my own soul and my incarnations through this course.  I have gained much clarity and understanding.

My journey through this course has been enjoyable and quite a learning experience.  I have been able to change my thought patterns and open my consciousness much more.

Blessings and Thank you
Rev Naunie Maddox

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