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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spirit Quest Course by Robert Robinson

Final Essay from the Spirit Quest Course
By Rev. Robert L. Robinson

So the course is finished and the quest is just begun. In this one course I have found the answers to several questions that have plagued me for ages. The first being, how big of a spirit am I? The answer is, that I am boundless. The only limits imposed on me come from the agreements that I make. The decisions that I make as a being have only to do with what I have learned as a spirit. I as spirit, am not bound by the laws of the physical world. This is not just a platitude. I have investigated many "isms" in my life and nowhere have I found the keys that have been given me on this course. Just by practicing a few of the precepts, I have seen things that have been blocking me for my entire life just blown away. Instead of barriers, I am finding opportunities every day. These include, Financial Opportunities as well as personal. I have found that my friendships are deeper and communication is much easier. My ability to see another's point of view has grown exponentially.

As a matter of fact, friends at work call me "the defender" because I am always able to see the good in almost everyone. This is because I always look for the spirit instead of just looking at the physical person. This way, I also know who I can trust. I have been able to open myself to being loved and to be able to love others. This is a problem that has truly been with me my entire life. I have been able to root out the decisions that caused them and been able to banish them. Using the Roses to bring in the good and destroy the bad is nothing less than inspired. Amy, I have no idea how you discovered this but I am here to tell you that it works! Thanks to Rev. Amy Long and the Universal Life Church Seminary my life is on a whole new track. If anyone has not taken this course I would urge them to do it right away. Finally, I would like to say that through this course, I have discovered that God truly created me in His image. I am on to the next course.

The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more. I have been a proud member of the ULC for many years and the Seminary since its inception.

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