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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Course in Miracles

Final essay on metaphysics and miracles by John Schroeder

One of the greatest and most obvious enlightenments I've received after taking the course,is being able to tell the difference between the "ego" and the "HOLY SPIRIT".

I've struggled for years not knowing what the problem was! Having had been through the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous more than a few times, experiencing peace and serenity and not fully knowing "HIM" along with the awesome wonder of who was this [spirit]helping me?

DR. Loretta Siani, put in simple terms and applications that really helped me when applied, got almost immediate results!

all ready bible versed found myself relating back to what I have already learned, as if I were translating a foreign language within myself, very interesting effect.

Another plus you might could say is, I've also noticed that my prayer life has changed because of reasons, that I found in the course that when I personally examined for myself and having made since. One being which seams a little childish now, would find myself knowing what I wanted,..... then praying for that ............. as being GOD'S WILL for me, not receiving what I personally wanted...............but received...[what?] GOD"S WILL for me! and getting mad!!!! a very simple concept when fully understood saved me and is saving me a lot of needless pain.Along those same lines talking about the more personal my GOD is to me after taking this course was being able to let down my preconceived ideas that I had of spirituality and the course allowed HIM to introduce HIMSELF to me!!!!! one of the simplest concepts being; children already have parents, they don't create their parents,although they grow up and become like their parents, creating children ....... not forgetting who their [parents] are,see that simple concept for me let me finally know that I could finally surrender,after thinking about that for about 4,000 hours! lol!!! trying to imagine a GOD who suited me! and my needs....and could finally wait and allow the HOLY SPIRIT to introduce HIMSELF to me and others, whom I might add, haven't yet been able to chose, but allow them to come to me for guidance and love.


by Rev. John Schroeder


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