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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Metaphysics Course

Master of Metaphysics Course essay by Rev. Baudouin Heuninckx
Spirit Quest Course Essay

The first notable thing about the course is its down-to-earth and light tone. This was a welcome change from my law studies! Moreover, as each lesson is not too long, it makes for an easy and enjoyable read and leaves sufficient time for practice.

The course pointed to a number of good and pragmatic life principles, such as the need to take charge of one’s own life, the necessity to forgive, that creating and destroying are only two sides of the same coin and that none of the two is inherently bad, the power of letting go, the risks of spiritual competition, the power of affirmations and speaking in the positive, and asking the right questions, just to name a few.

I particularly appreciated the strong affirmatives of some of the lessons. You always have a choice. Trying is not enough to bring true achievements. You can’t change what you don’t own, but you should own what’s yours. The passages on the spiritual path and the law of karma closely matched my personal beliefs.

When I read the life principles explained in the course, I felt either in total agreement, or that I knew them deep within and just did not realize it up to then. These principles are easy to apply in one’s daily life and can improve quickly relationships and the way one sees himself.

One point for which I disagreed with the course was that the author seems to consider that the true nature of humans is their spirit, and that they merely inhabit a body. Although I do agree that the spirit is what survives death and later reincarnates, I think that the body is more than a temporary housing. While in the body, we are both spirit and body, mind and matter, both imbued with a divine spark.

The meditation techniques taught in the course are simple to use, especially when you are good at visualization. They are very relaxing and empowering, and also fun to use. The center of my head, grounding cords, golden suns, working with energy, creating and destroying rose, chakras… are now well-known. I initially had a few questions about the reason why we should use roses and not something else, but I quickly realized that I had come to be accustomed to the image and that it was effective.

I personally found running my energies slightly more difficult, but by coincidence I had been practicing breathing techniques that used a similar imagery with my fitness coach at about the same time, and the combination of both helped improve results.

These were enjoyable eight months, and I am pretty sure that the rest of my life will be likewise.

by Rev. Baudouin Heuninckx


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