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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest by Tracy Wilson

Spirit Quest Essay by Rev. Tracy Wilson

What have I learned through the Spirit Quest course?

I must say that I have enjoyed this course. It enlightened my mind in several ways, although there were parts I had trouble with. Overall, I greatly appreciated having taken it.

I was very interested in the meditation lessons. I have been meditating for several years now, and the techniques explained throughout the course were a breath of fresh air. They were clever and eye opening. I enjoyed utilizing them. They did help me a great deal to get rid of negative energy at times and to learn to let things go before they fester, so to speak.

I also liked the fact that the course seemed to pull from many different belief systems, instead of simply focusing on one. It truly made it a course that most people should feel comfortable in taking, even if some of the content doesn’t follow what they believe in. I have to say that there were parts I didn’t really agree with, but surprisingly enough, there was a great deal of it that fit right into the thoughts and feelings I’ve had for several years.

Of all of the lessons, I think the ones I found most interesting were the ones on the spirit and how it communicates, the karma lesson, and the reincarnation one. The spirit communication lessons seemed accurate according to my own experiences. The way it all was explained though, is what interested me the most. It was put in terms that made it easy to understand how and why spirits communicate in the way they do. It gave meaning to those experiences I have had. The karma lesson hit home as well. I’ve experienced it first hand, as I’m sure most everyone has at one point or another. Although, they may not have realized it was karma working. I never used to think that there was much to the karma thing, but the last few years have opened up my eyes to that. I believe it exists. I believe it works the way it was described in the lesson. It’s simply a matter of applying the principles to your life to experience the changes that believing in karma can create. Now, let’s move on to the reincarnation lesson. Again, this was a case of many years ago I don’t think I really believed in reincarnation. I’m not sure what I believed then. Over time I’ve experienced things in my life that make me believe that spirits do indeed “come back”. I’ve always thought it was a pointless theory that once we die that is it for our spirit. I believe that we continue to learn throughout our lives, but there are usually things you won’t have learned by the end of your life that are necessary for your spirit to grow and move in the path that it needs to move. And so, reincarnation gives the spirit that extra chance or time to continue to learn what it is that life is all about for them.

Please note, that this is simply my opinion. Everyone has one and I am not meaning to step on anyone’s toes here, but simply to state my own thoughts and feelings on the subject. Much as I feel this whole course did. It was put together with many different beliefs mixed in and no one lesson was meant to upset anyone, simply to teach a different opinion to think about. I think most people who take this discourse would have an open enough mind that they could get through it without feeling insulted. I know, that though I didn’t complete agree with everything, I still found the whole discourse to be interesting and well put together.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I am glad I took the discourse and I feel I came away with some tools that will help me better my life and understand my life a little more. I’ve greatly enjoyed being given the chance to experience what I have due to taking this discourse. Thanks Amy.

Rev. Tracy Wilson

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