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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Master of Metaphysics by Rev. Cynthia Ewing
By: Reverend Cynthia Ewing

When I started this course I did not know what to expect. It seemed like it was so long. As each lesson appeared in my in-box I found my self more and more excited by this course. It flowed very easily together. It was definitely a beginner’s course, but even the more advanced student takes something from this class if it is just another perspective of what they already know.

The meditation part of the course took a few weeks to build upon itself, but I liked the imagery she used for the meditation. I have used roses for protection before, but not in this way. I found it very helpful. Also the clearing out of other people’s energy and building up your own were invaluable. I never realized before that other people’s energy was so detrimental. Yes, it is nice in the beginning to share someone else’s energy, but after the initial glow wears off it is just annoying.

I have found, that with each new lesson I was working on, someone in my life could have used the information that I had just acquired. A girlfriend of mine was holding on to her hurt and anger about her son. We talked about forgiveness, but she was just not ready to let go and reach that state. There is another person that I work with her whole outlook on life is just very negative. Everything she says is very pessimistic. One day I was chatting with her about this in a round about way and she admitted that she knows she is very negative. I suggested trying to find other words that are more positive, but she was not quite ready to do that yet.

With the two cases above neither were ready to make changes so I let them go with the seeds planted. The only person I can change is myself. I have worked hard on being positive and sending out only the positive messages. This does not mean I have not slipped. Driving is the hard part for me. I find other drivers can irritate me. I will continue to work on this probably for the rest of my life or until I cannot drive anymore.

I have also sent out balloons with what I want and used positive affirmations. One time I was telling myself that whenever I buy lottery tickets I win money. I think I did that about fifty times before I got to the store and bought a few. I bought two scratch tickets and one lotto ticket. One of the scratch tickets was a $25 winner. I have also found myself popping balloons before they leave since some of the things I was thinking about were not what I wanted to bring into my life. I would pop them before they were released into the universe.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I would suggest that everyone should take it. By the end of the class I found myself missing receiving the weekly discourse. I looked forward to it after awhile. I know I will take some of these tools with me throughout the rest of this life and will share what I have learned with others. Thank you for this experience.

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