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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Living In A New Light By Rev. Cheryl Kautzman

Master of Metaphysics - Universal Life Church As I embarked upon my journey of the metaphysical studies of Spirit Quest, I wasn't sure of what to expect or of how the teachings would pertain to my life. However, as I read the material, I soon realized that information contained in the discourses were giving my being the clarity that it so desperately needed.

Originally, I signed up for the Masters of Metaphysics program to aid me in the spiritual counsel of others and to provide me with the tools of becoming a more enlightened minister. Though I do not like to label my beliefs, many would classify me as a Wiccan of sorts, and thus, I feel that a working knowledge of metaphysics is essential to understanding and maintaining a positive relationship with the world that we live in; applying metaphysical thinking is also crucial to influencing internal reactions to the external environment. Though I learned something valuable from each lesson, I felt that there some discourses that opened my eyes up to a new way of thinking.

First, lesson 13, Your Spiritual Path, gave me more insight on how to know my true self (the self that I was born with, minus outside influences) and to recognize the need of ridding myself of false personality. By striving to know my true self, I am becoming closer to my spirit.

Discourse 15, Affirmations, has made me more aware of how harmful,ingrained beliefs can and need to be changed; though it may be difficult at times, we, as individuals have the inherent power to change our own thought systems, especially if our beliefs are based on the poisonous pedagogy acquired throughout our lives. Daily, I try to look at things from a more pure, internal perspective, rather than to eye them from previous, external influences.

A very enlightening discourse, Tools for Getting Unstuck, part 2, is filled with very useful information on encouraging one to broaden their horizons by learning new life lessons and to allow for spiritual growth by constantly challenging oneself. From this discourse, I am learning to know what I am capable of achieving from my life and how to find the courage to follow my true path. Also, the lesson has helped me to use my emotions, such as anger, in a more controlled manner, and to transform these emotions into a more positive force that I may be able to use to my benefit.

The last lesson that I would like to mention is: Money, discourse 29. This discourse is important in redifining the meaning and purpose of money and how to make and keep it. This discourse also touches on the subject of making money in a way that one enjoys; it is from the advice in this lesson that has prompted me to the reach the decision of working for myself in the very near future.

In a final survey of Spirit Quest, I have say that by subscribing to the program, I am becoming a more well-rounded individual. I have stopped trying to fit into the "rat race" by discovering the real me. I am now listening to what my spirit is telling me, and as a result, I am finding that I am more happy and comfortable with my life choices. I am more relaxed and know that it is imperative to stop to enjoy life, and, at times, still your body and mind to attune with Akashic consciousness. It is my hope that by applying the techniques presented to me in Spirit Quest, I will continue to grow spiritually and use the teachings to help others when warranted. I also want to remember and convey to the masses that sometimes the mysteries of life are the most beautiful when they remain just that -- a mystery.

By Rev. Cheryl Kautzman


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