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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Master of Metaphysics Essay by Rev. Jeremy Barker
Master of Metaphysics Course through the ULC Seminary

Master of metaphysics is a good course for people to understand better of having a calm and true peace within ones self. Having stress affect us everyday in multiple different ways, and learning to cope with it is a struggle each of us have on a daily basis. But this course shows ways to channel stress and stressful situations. Putting things into bubbles and watching them burst after floating away are great techniques.

Also grounding is another tool that is a great idea because it gives you a start to find your inner peace. Its like having your own little space no one can enter, where you can think things all the way through before acting upon them.

Those are a couple of tools to mention that worked for me, but only for a while. At first I was meditating and studying the Bible everyday. I felt great and was learning a lot. When I was reading a lesson it asked or said that people from your past might show up. Sure enough someone from my past showed up and it sent me on a whirl. My emotions were out of control until I grounded myself. And all I
could think of is that some things sent for you to deal with could be from God or satan. To tell you the truth I was scared. My life until now was a roller-coaster ride from Hell. I had made a relationship again and was asked to walk away. I was confused, and I also remembered the lesson saying something like this would happen.

It is very hard to tell if what was presented to me was right meaning "God sent" or wrong meaning from satan. After that happened I decided to stop meditating for awhile, and studying the Bible. Confused and lost once again is a horrible feeling. I still used grounding an bubbles techniques to deal with things. Finally that person left my space and Thank God for that.


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