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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Master of Metaphysics by Rev. Carol Birdwell

I have just finished the 30-lesson course called Spirit Quest. I enjoyed this course of study very much. Throughout the months of this course, I found myself looking forward to the next lesson. In looking back, I am very surprised it has been so many months I have spent on this course.

I learned a number of lessons in this course and re-visited one I have learned elsewhere but have not used in a long time.

The tool that was re-visited, I first learned about 7 years ago in a Reiki Master workshop, and that is the use of the Grounding Cord to drop down into the center of the earth. I have never heard of this tool anywhere else but in that workshop and now, again, in this Spirit Quest course.

This has been a long course and there has been a lot of material to learn in this course. The one most important thing to me in this course has been the actual sign-off every time: You are a perfect being. God Loves You. You were created in perfection, by perfection, for perfection. Your success is guaranteed. I thrilled with this, and was overjoyed for the regular, routine reminder of it at the close of each lesson.

We started this course with setting personal goals, including a timeline for when we want the goals to be met, and taking a very deep look at ourselves, and at how hard we often are on ourselves, much harder than on other people.

We looked at our negative thinking and then at a saying my grandfather raised my mother on and she passed along to me, that “Your word is your bond.” And that was well elaborated on. We wrote other lists in our personal soul-seeking. My grandfather was born in 1881, my mother in 1918, and me in 1943, so it has been in my family a long time and in my consciousness since my early childhood in the 1940s.

I don’t have enough room to elaborate further on the course, and the lessons, but I want to be sure to tell about my favorite tool I have gained in this course.

I have enjoyed creating roses and exploding them, sending down my grounding cords, putting gunk into a golden sun and shoving it over to the ocean (400 miles from me) and seeing and hearing it go ssssssss down into the water.

The most favorite tool I learned here in this course is my little Lightworker. I created a little beauty to insert into my body to help it with healing. She looks a bit like a small fairy. She chips away at the gunk, the debris my body has built up and holds. She places the debris and gunk in something that I can take it out of my body with. Then she lovingly rubs pink healing salve all over the spots that need healing. I use her often and I greatly value that I learned about her in this course.

Thank you,

Carol Birdwell


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