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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Essay by Susan Mikesic

When I initially enrolled in the Spirit-Quest course, I thought I wanted to divorce my husband. Since then, we received some couples counseling, I received some individual counseling, and I completed the Spirit Quest course. And we decided to stay together. I think the Spirit Quest course was a piece of the patchwork quilt that helped me resolve my difficulties in my marriage.

My Spiritual Goal, which I set in the first lesson, was to be in a sacred, loving, sexually satisfying relationship. Also, I wanted to find happiness in life. I was suffering at the time from what was probably a clinical depression. At one point, I took a test that is used for screening patients for symptoms of depression. Out of nine possible symptoms, I had all nine! Including a wish to die! Things were not looking good for me. Since then, I have recovered my composure, and I do not have ANY of these symptoms in a severe way. Thank goodness, and thanks to our counselors, and thanks to the skills I learned.

Some of my favorite skills that I learned from the Spirit Quest course:

· I now have these friendly Velcro Roses, that I use to clean my aura or clear any negativity that I have been subjected to.

· I use the Grounding Cord imagery to calm and center myself.

· I remind myself to be amused, and when I can’t be amused, I allow myself to be amused by my own lack of amusement..

· I have become more aware of how Spirit is communicating with me, through:

o Pictures

o Words

o Dreams

· I have learned to ask the right questions when communicating with Spirit

· I have identified myself as a Future thinker and have chosen to live more in the Present moment.

And, finally, I have renewed my understanding that happiness is my own choice. I am apparently more open to happiness these days, since I am experiencing more of it than I had been previously.

Susan Mikesic

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