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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Master of Metaphysics by Rev. Isaiah D. Reed

Dissertation- a formal written discourse or thesis, especially one submitted for a doctorate. noun. From the Webster's Pocket Dictionary.

Metaphysics Dissertation

I found myself in life having walked eight months spiritually, mentally, the direction for my soul-keep. And in the process of learning spirit, I was fortunate to accept responsibility. Responsibility is a very adult word. To me, its meaning implies that I take charge for my Spirit-Self. Life moved rapidly and the outer creation that, I or the world help create did break away. This was the same outer most crust that hurt my success to taking on a life all its own. Figuring out what those responsible 'others' true intentions were, made more sense to me in my present life. Spirit-Quest help me to understand that I am not a foundling on my way around the tugging disappointments in a straight line, just for me. I Either just begun facing the current or freely ride along this desired path.

I can live with the fact I was not suppose follow the exact future those before me bestowed on top of my life. One, every time while receiving a new discourse, a significant change rose out from the ashes and started another ruckus. I have witnessed many changes and I have proof, such as leaving my old job. It's exciting every time I think about this change in my life. To better tell the story, nearly having to meditate, and tell the story. I am a professional psychic and the learning experience through Spirit-Quest made people take in what it is what I needed to tell them.

After one huge 'hello!', I was given a position that I did not have to test. In fact, I ask how and why. My current manager said that he did not know why, but he could just trust me. I wanted to test and warned him I do better in true situations rather than passing the two major tests. Thus, the two dreaded tests all psychics wanting to advance his or her career in the telecommunications industry. Now, I have a job and I did write my instructor, explaining how would I find a job, the President Rev. Amy Long. There shortly, I received knowledge from the infinite wisdom the universe offered. Of course, didn't I not want to make a wealth amount of money? I do want to make a living and I am not ashamed of this.

The point being made is that I decided to be a student of Spirit-Quest to perfect on my skills to helping others. Then the other very true fact, that I obtained a Metaphysical degree accredited through the American Accrediting Association (AAA), to make a living. I am a professional metaphysician and I am doing what both, the universe and I are loving. We are Ministering to others and using psychic ability to being insightful with a purpose in mind, that influences so many peoples lives.

I had to work out the differences in my own life before bringing on such a challenge. I thought that I would be finished and prayed that I might find other interests. I realized I'm at the starting blocks ready to run a journey. I am also sure that I will be taking up other discourses. I decided to take up a spiritual profession called, a life long student.

For instance, I could not have published my book with out taking an eight month time out designated to bringing about this secret project. I worked on it and have published my first metaphysical book called 'Healing in Life and Goals'. It is the first of more to come, because I get calls from spiritually gifted 'others' needing to know how I pick up on them well enough, as they haven't ever talked with me in
this life. One of my discourses explained to me why that is and that there was a conversation in the other side. In fact, we discussed it already and it's recorded in the Akisha records. I thought to being favored to leaving behind the teachings and the books for those building both, his or her life and career. We can begin to imagine stepping in, taking charge in someone else life until we do this for ourselves.

My dream is extended into the physical plane. The responsibility of working in
this life for others around the world has opened my concept of opportunity. I have been invited to speak all others around the world. This is the kind of honor that is in my visual screen. Though I feel this streaming through my entire being, I would not want to do anything unprepared.

Another great feats I accomplished is having poetry published and now will have the opportunity to seeing my work at an international level. This is validating to me because it plays an important part in me reaching clients all over and is expressed in the art of poetry. The other wonder is the response I get from the universe, which I interpreted as blessings. Meditations were complicated for me then, and now it's simple. I believe Universal Life Church Seminary and I were destined to meet up in this life. It feeling like I was protected and while I didn't have to be affected by the woes for living on planet Earth, I searched out freedom and expression. There are views for me to share and the knowledge has to come from an international source. The ULC Seminary is that source where I can gather my information because I choose to literally go out into the world to teach metaphysics.

Responsibly moving to another world will take endurance for the Spirit-Self, and the teachings is more than its worth. I have the one goal to take care of the expectations in place. I have even started a prayer chain and suddenly I don't see the word 'alone' blanketed away in mind. I see lively inter relative actions acting out in accordance to the universe. This is my experience making the crossings between lives and recommend without metaphysical degrees to never trend out.

Isaiah D. Reed, M.M.


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