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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spirit-Quest Final Essay by Rev. Nancy Rutledge
Master of Metaphysics Course

I’d like to especially thank Amy for all her hard work. This 30-week course was great and flowed easily. I encourage all to sign up today and learn for yourself the benefits and knowledge this course offers.

The course starts off with the statement that "each course has a concept." The concept is that you are a perfect spiritual being on a unique course. This course is designed by both you and by God and God loves you no matter what you choose. This concept runs throughout the course.

One of the first areas covered is what your word means. Your word is the most important thing you have to offer, besides love. Your word is not just thrown out there, it is set in stone. You make it your priority. You bring honor to yourself and to God each time you keep your word. So, be aware of your intentions. Another area to state briefly on is forgiveness. Forgiveness is for the one who forgives. You don’t just forgive somebody; you also are forgiving yourself. With forgiveness comes freedom. Forgiveness is a choice. Use it and forgive someone today and you will also make yourself happy.

I really loved the discourse on meditation and grounding. Grounding gives your energy a place to go. Use your third eye in the space in the center of your head. You can imagine a giant view screen. This screen serves the purpose of seeing in all directions; future, past and much more. You are relaxed in a chair and you are imaging a grounding cord. This is an object that connects you to the center of the earth. Let all your foreign energy slide down the grounding cord. Any energy that isn’t yours is leaving your space. Now breathe deeply and fill that empty space with the light of God. Your are now finished with your grounding meditation. You can open your eyes and enjoy the feeling of peace, love and happiness. At this point you stand up and imagine dropping your grounding cord.

There is then a discourse on the Golden Sun: the light of God, the gold light of celestial love. There are small golden, sticky suns that pick up your energy you left at different places and bring them to the big Golden Sun above your head. Bring the Golden Sun into your body and gain all your energy back. This is the first step towards spiritual fulfillment.

Another part of your meditation is the protection rose. It is the image of a rose, created in your mind’s eye, that will protect you from unwanted energies. Postulate that this rose has the ability to absorb energy. The rose is like a force-field that protects around your body in a 360-degree radius. It keeps unwanted energy away from you. Now you get to destroy the rose any way you can postulate. You have now done away with the foreign energy. If you have extra bad energy left, imagine another rose and destroy that one too. Now to fill the empty space, bring in that golden sun again.

This discourse covers different types of energies, mock-ups, chakras, karma, affirmations, spirit communications and much, much more. It is a very fulfilling course. This course definitely helps you in your walk as a minister. I know I’m better off after taking the Spirit-Quest course.

In Christ Jesus name,

Rev. Nancy Rutledge


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