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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Essay by Rev. Jen Dearborn
Spirit Quest at ULC Seminary

I have to say that I looked forward every week to the Spirit Quest lessons. I had no idea what to expect and I was never disappointed. I have been taught how to ground myself in a number of different ways but none of them worked like the one in the lesson. I had never known that I could ground a room, a building, an area or even body parts! I love that and I use it all most everyday and I am working on making that every day. And yes I can ground with my eyes open too!

Ahh the roses and golden suns. I love them too. The more I practice creating and destroying the more beautiful each rose becomes. I can see the veins, the deep red color and even the drops of dew from time to time. Once I swear that I could even smell it! Sometimes remembering to do the protection rose is not as easy as I thought it would be but I am getting better at it. I just have to be and stay present then I can do it. The first time that I actually felt like I had blown up a rose was odd but I like doing that now. The golden sun makes me feel warm and soft. Now I don’t really have to anything but just think of the golden sun and it is there for me.

I did get stuck on the mock ups though and I think those are very important for me. I am going back over that part to try to learn it better. It is odd that sometimes we “checkout” in areas of our lives that we need that most. I think this part was harder than I had expected and actually my life was getting a little bit crazy then. But things are better now so I can do some more work on it.

A lot of the rest of the lessons I had a bit of knowledge on but I still learned plenty. I copied and read ever article that was sent along with the weekly lessons. These I liked a lot. I am planning on taking more courses on line in the very near future because for me this one was so good.

Thank you for putting this together so we can learn.

Rev. Jen Dearborn


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