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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spirit-Quest opened doors - by Rev. Jennifer Hagar

Coming into the ULC Seminary course, I was full of self-pity and felt very disillusioned by life. I was really empty. There were no answers to choose from. This was the last house on the street for me. Although I have always felt that I have had a strong connection to God, I have always had a difficult time figuring
out how he worked. This course has started me on the right path in figuring it out.

I began using the tools right away. Every suggestion in every lesson I tried. For me, these saved my life. From creating roses, to clearing chakras, to creating my own reality. I have tried sending energy to myself and others, and have actually seen results.

Seeing in writing how Spirit Communicates was especially helpful to me. When I was younger, I always felt that the universe was speaking to me through music and color; especially music. But over the years, my ego has changed my mind. And, although I still listen for clues though music, my ego is still winning the battle at this point. I pray regularly for God to restore me to the innocence I had when I was young. The faith I had. This section of the course helped me to do that.

Learning about Karma is something every human being should know about. Being a Catholic, and studying the bible awhile with the Jehovah's witnesses; I have always been acutely aware that NO ONE seems to be able to just not sin to save their lives. Literally. From what I have seen of human behavior, the theory of
Karma is the only solution to sin in this world. The only way I won't do something bad to someone else is to stop that same bad thing from happening to me.

But, the most important concept I am taking from this course is the concept that I am made in perfection, for perfection. And that I create my own reality...as long as I have faith. I even did create my own reality. For a little while I had everything I ever wanted. But soon, fear crept in, and everything changed in an instant. Maybe its an underlying belief that I don't deserve it. Or maybe I just let it go because I thought I could do better. I haven't quite figured that out yet. Time will tell.

Thank you very much for the course.

Jennifer Hagar


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