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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spirit-Quest Program - Forgiveness

I received 30 discourses with different topics. My list of spiritual goals grew long. After one year now I am proud to announce that there are only few left which I am still working on.

On my free weekends I take Reiki, Healing and Meditation seminars, and I teach online classes at a British spiritual website. I found all the meditation discourses very helpful. To mention the “Protection Rose” as a good starter as well as the Chakra and the Karma Affirmations.

I was deeply impressed by “How Spirit communicates”, discourses 18 through 22. They work brilliantly with beginners trying to find their paths. This is a journey of self discovery. When we feel our own empowering Spirit we’re getting more and more receptive to Spirit around us. We become aware of a different dimension, the vibration of energy. It is a lot of practice to set this in motion but once we’ve connected we know, no matter what level we have reached in our development we all have much to offer. My students benefit from what I have learned because I keep telling them that each of us is unique, is loved and safe in the arms of the Divine. This is not typical for Europeans, so to speak. Scientists are still exploring the mysterious ways of life, especially those where they believe the mind influences the body. The mind, our invisible part of the body, and the body, our visible part of the mind don’t always work perfectly together. We have to pay attention and practice awareness.

Discourse 22 “Pictures” and 24 “Asking the right questions” are my favourites. There are always questions to be answered and I love talking in pictures.

All happens for some purpose, there are no coincidences, we know that. My life dramatically changed around the time when the “Forgiveness” letter was in my mailbox. I admit not having paid much attention to the content even though I read it. There were more important things I had to deal with. When I thought I would already know what pain is life taught me better, and what I had to experience then was beyond my imagination. My beloved partner died of cancer. What is grief? I went through all stages of it. I felt anger thinking not having done enough. I am a healer, a wise woman. People ask for my help and I couldn’t even do that anymore. Why had he come into my life showing me heavens to then suddenly leave me? Why wasn’t I capable of helping him? Believe me have I tried and I saw he was going. I didn’t want to understand, the pain was too big. Our relationship could not be repaired, not on this plane. I was told to let go, told to accept that it was meant to be. But I focused so much on what I had lost. Step by step and in between I hated him, lost motivation, lost interest in myself. This cut was so deep that I fell into the valley of never ending tears ignoring all what I had learned. As an active spiritualist I should have known that he hadn’t died to make me feel bad. And then I came upon a book where I read in the foreword that forgiveness is the greatest healer of all. Instantly, I remembered the discourse and worked several weeks on it. It said very clearly that I would hold on to bitterness if I wouldn’t forgive the person causing me sleepless nights and bad days. This had the greatest impact on me. I became friendly again and considered professional help. One year after I am still alone, still missing him, but I can smile and by the way, it was me who was sent to him making his last years beautiful. An attitude I can live on with!

Forgiving is healing, forgiveness is a choice. You have my greatest respect for bringing up not only an informative Spirit-Quest program but also an absolutely helping eye-opener. As you say in the very last line of the discourse: “forgiveness is a gift”. I am thankful for finally having received this gift.


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