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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Final Spirit Quest Essay by Rev. Jeanette Buschman

I have found Spirit-Quest to be very thought provoking and helpful in realizing the power of the mind, body and spirit.

At the beginning of the Spirit Quest discourses I was asked to write down my spiritual goals and when I’d like them to be realized, and then I was asked to write down on a separate piece of paper some short term goals. For short term, I had written down 14 goals, as of today, 7 of the 14 have been realized; 50% isn’t bad. As for my spiritual goals long-term with a time line, I haven’t reached the end of the allotted amount of time I have given myself to bring these goals into manifestation. The dates range from 3-2006 to 10-2006. The ones realized have been to strengthen my relationships with my immediate family members, thanks be to God, my relationships have elevated to a healthier level. It has been a never ending struggle with my teenage son. He has a good heart and is very spiritual, but also still very young, 15 going on 30, or so he thinks.

I have to remind myself of how it was when I was 15 yrs. old.

The one for manifestation by 5-2006 was to be financially stable. Again thanks be to God, this goal has been also realized.

I believe in setting goals, you strive to manifest them, thus achieving them.

I would agree with the lesson about being true to yourself and others makes you a person of your word, which with your word comes intention. Your intention drives the force of your being.

In regards to forgiveness, I believe that forgiveness is essential to a sound mind, spirit and body.

To carry that heavy burden around is a barrier that hinders your spiritual growth and progress. To forgive is divine -- it brings you a step closer to God. A person needs to realize that any feelings you have are yours by choice, you choose to feel a certain way.

No one can make you feel a certain way nor can they change you any more than you can change them. It is all a personal choice. A personal choice to forgive, to love, to get bitter or to get better. I choose better.

In regards to the meditation process and all of the tools I have learned about there of, I have found this to be very helpful, relaxing and a thought-provoking experience. I had never envisioned being inside of my own mind, the 3rd eye, to view what ever my mind desires. Your Star-trek analogies are great.

The grounding cord created by me was an awesome connected feeling.

In a past hypnosis session I had experienced using a grounding cord to stay grounded.
This gives me a feeling of being connected to the elements of the earth more than I had ever experienced before.

After releasing and dropping foreign energy, I experienced the golden suns as an inspirational God given illuminated love that filled my being guided by the Holy Spirit. This is an awesome feeling. Spiritual indeed.

Postulating a foreign energy-absorbing protection rose has been beneficial in protection from others energy. Also using a rose for creating and destroying energy, or any thing that you do not want in you is a wonderful symbolic release of that thing that has become a hindrance.

Until this discourse I had not delved into the practice of the different types of energies, cosmic, earth and the seven chakras. This was very interesting and I believe with a lot of practice can be beneficial for the energy flow of the body.

The process of spiritual mock ups to manifest your desires, are along the same line in my opinion as prayer and a positive thought process. As most of us know, we should pray the desired result, provision not the problem. Jesus prayed this way.

People can have what they say, but instead they are saying what they have.
Confirmation is the key here.

I agree that competition can be a very unhealthy spiritual experience, it can tempt a person to accept the feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough to be best, when actually we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. Total acceptance and a feeling of peace and love are far more important than being first or right. We need to remember that we are all part of the whole, all equal, all children of God. Equal brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have read a book called many lives, many masters that is about reincarnation. The book is about people’s past life regressions to deal with present life issues that have been of question for one reason or another. I have a very open mind in regards to this subject. The Bible does state that we were preplanned, known by God even before birth.

I have come to total acceptance that every thing in life happens for a purpose, even if we don’t understand or like it. There is usually a lesson to be learned.

This is total acceptance of God’s will.

In the grand scheme of all things, we can either accept God’s will or in a sense, we can continue to tread water. This of course gets you no where fast.

In regards to karma I have to agree that the movie called Pay it forward is a must see.

If all the people in the world would follow the lesson that movie teaches, what a wonderful life we all could lead. We can not change nor control the things of the past, but the present(a gift from God) and the future are ours to create.

The W.W.J.D. (What Would Jesus Do) motto is a wonderful one to use every second of your life. It is hard to do any harm or damage if you think this way.

I really love the concept of coping with every day life by being amused by it.
Amusement being referred to as a vibration in relation to a color is imaginable by my thought process to defuse a situation, lesson and to alleviate the stress factor.

When there is fear and tenseness of a thought that is undesirable, by simply thinking of the color pink in a splatter pattern with yellow stripes in the back ground with dark pink hearts floating through out the picture in my minds eye made me feel much better immediately.

Wow, what a concept. This was some what similar to finding your happy place in a tense situation and going there, but more uplifting. I had not thought about how the spirit communicates in three different ways, color, music and numbers.

I can relate to the music part first hand. I have been given words to a few songs; one of these songs came to me while in the shower. My husband plays the guitar for praise and worship at our church, so I gave him the words that the Lord had given to me and he was instantly given music that seemed to be meant for this song. PRAISE JESUS !!!

This has happened a few times now. These songs are spiritual songs we sing at our non-denomination church.

We have experienced this with another friend of ours that is also part of the band at the church. God is sooo good !!!!!

These words are given to me when I least expect it, on my motorcycle, in my pick up truck, in the shower and even during prayer. We have a sister in Christ at our church that has been blessed with an awesome art talent, her paintings are very much spirit guided. She is guided to paint certain pictures that have a message or meaning, and a name is given to her for the painting.

As far as music and vibrations are concerned, I agree that we all have a certain rhythm to our bodies and spirit, these rhythms are either soothing or irritating.

Kinesiology is a true and tried method to address just about any thing in your life that is in question. My son had been labeled A.D.H.D. very early on in his childhood, we went to see a holistic Doctor who used this method to pin point possible allergies to foods and elements he was exposed to. This method truly works.

I have no doubt that telepathic means of communication is definitely when you are speaking in spirit. This happens with my husband and I all the time. We have been married for 23 years now and more times than not can finish each other’s sentences, this is at times annoying but really neat at the same time. There are times when I will be thinking of some one and want to talk to them and they’ll call me. At times I know who is calling when the phone rings. I found it useful to use a sticky collection rose to clean and clear out my telepathic channels.

I have played with spiritual hellos, telepathic thought sending and suggestive thought sending. The response was variable and interesting, this was dependent on the person involved. Even my dog (Bruno) seemed to pick up on my thoughts. I was very surprised at the awareness of my thought sending that people exhibited. The people that I am closest to seemed to pick up on it stronger than others.

The different levels of astral travel were very interesting to learn about. I remember once when I was lying in bed, all of a sudden I was looking down on myself, this startled me so much at that moment, I did not understand it at the time, but unfortunately I have not been able to do it again. I have read about how people travel to all kinds of places, and can tell you what was going on at that place. Wow !!

I can only imagine what it will be like when I meet my maker ( God ) and realize all that we are truly capable of.

In lesson # 27, the past, present and future-based types of people are discussed, I would say that I am a present type or person with a healthy perspective thought process of the future.

I found it very interesting to learn about spiritual pain and how it can have an affect on our health. I look forward to reading Louise Hay’s book (You can heal yourself ).

I believe that past life experienced pictures formed in the mind and how those experiences are perceived in your memory can affect your present and future well being. That which you resist becomes more persistent.

To own something, admit it, claim it and deal with it so you can go on with out it being empowered by you giving it undo energy and strength.

As far as money is concerned, I have to admit that it is and has been a have it when you need it type of situation, if I have extra it is put to use to where it is needed for personal reasons or other’s needs. I have become comfortable with the fact that the Lord does provide me and mine with what is necessary in life. Sure you can always use more money, but in the end it is all spent, rather you have a lot or a little amount.

We have done the big financial in debt up to our ears, make the minimum payment until you die dance more times than I care to admit. We have gotten to the point to where we are on a cash and carry basis or lay away. If we want it, we have to save for it or pay on it without interest.

If we had all the interest we have paid over the years on credit, wow, it would really add up to be a lot of money.

Of course this does not include big items like a mortgage payment or vehicle payments.

I have been blessed with the things that are needed in life.

My husband works very hard to provide for our needs and the amount always seems to be enough. We are a somewhat traditional family, I am still a stay at home Mom that keeps house and am in the process of home schooling a 15 year old son and have a 21 year old daughter that is doing well for herself, and of course I am working on acquiring the knowledge and credits to get my Dr. of Ministry degree through Universal Life Seminary program.

I have pursued other interests in life such as a licensed nail technician, truck driver, school bus driver, sales, foster care and the list goes on. This however is not just an interest, this is a calling. A call for a higher purpose in life.

I do have to state that the Spirit-Quest course has been very thought-provoking and that it has taught me about a mental visual way of thinking that is helpful for an over all sense of well being. I would recommend this course to any one seeking more insight into self awareness.

Thank you for sharing this insight with me.

God Bless,
According to God’s will,
In complete servitude,

With love,
Your sister in Christ,
Jeanette Buschman


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