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This blog has essays from the Spirit Quest course offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary. The course is 30 weeks long and will change your life.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spirit-Quest by Rev. William Fowler
Master of Metaphysics Course
Final Essay on ULC Seminary course

“Spirit Quest”

This class has been extremely helpful in many ways. The most significant difference has been in personal anger management, and all the ramifications derived therein (i.e., jealousy, envy, and resulting lack of control).

All the details of my current life situation need not be delineated, but a couple of points will suffice to make the point. At age 57, following 14 years of living on a boat by myself, suddenly becoming part of large, close family of different culture (they are proudly Mexican and I’m proudly Irish) from new parents to grandchildren, a 6 year old son to parent, a house in the suburbs (with mortgage) and a corporate sales job. There are daily challenges to a sense of humor not previously imagined.

Grounding and cleansing (with roses) has not only been helpful, but at times critical to survival. Human interaction brings out all of our emotions, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (to paraphrase a western movie title). The stronger the attraction, the stronger all of these emotions seem to be, and the greater the need to dissipate these energies. Practicing these exercises (followed by Golden Suns) have, to date, allowed me to maintain (by my definition) a level of peace most of the time.

Focusing on the lessons/challenges presented also helps tremendously toward balance. Recognizing that a contemplative existence for many years has lead to a ‘catching up’ on development/growth in emotional issues, doesn’t fix anything but it helps in attaining a “higher view”. This results, for me, in achieving a more productive prospective. A lot of work yet to do, but this course provided the necessary tools to meet the Alchemical challenges and succeed (measured by maintaining the relationship, sanity (?), and personal growth).

Meditation and exercise time was very limited so many of the tools/exercises did not get all the attention they deserved. Reading each lesson 3 times turned out to be a minimal effort and falls short of providing any real proficiency. The lessons that did ‘call me’ and received more attention provided the miracle of my present state, and an Alchemical reaction that continues. The lessons are all saved and bound so the next time Spirit Quest calls to me, I can find another unremembered nugget of knowledge and get even more from this course.

In closing let me take writers’ license and paraphrase an old cliché. “A teacher in need is a teacher indeed.” Thank you from my heart.

The Light in me Salutes the Light in You

Rev. William Fowler


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