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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest

by Rev. Ruth Roberts

With all the wonderful things I’ve learned from this course, it has been difficult to sort out favorites. I have decided to write about the ones that have made the biggest changes. I will start with the Golden Sun.

One particularly exciting incident was the removal of my energy from a previous work place. I enjoyed my job there and all the people involved. I was there much of my time as I tended to work a lot of overtime (my choice). A better paying job came along so, as much as I loved my work, I left for the money. That was in 1987. Since that time, up until I started this course, my dreams were filled with this place. It was unbelievable how often I dreamed of it and the key people who worked there. It was, to say the least, rather annoying. When I read about, and used, the small Golden Sun to go into this place and remove my energy (it took a couple of times to totally clear), this changed. I have not dreamed of this place since. It has been wonderful for me. I am finally at peace with it.

The “Competition” section has been another blessing for me. I have a co-worker that fell into this area. She couldn’t stand me and after a while I didn’t like being around her, talking to her, or listening to her talk on the phone. The tension had gotten pretty bad. She always spoke to me in a demeaning, superior manner and constantly looking for something I did incorrectly then would to my boss about it (which never got me in trouble as the were petty complaints). The “Competition” lesson came just in time. It was a job saver as I was getting ready to quit my job just to get away from all the tension as I didn’t know what the problem was. After reading the section, however, it showed me what the problem was. She and I had the same job title and she was there before me, thus the competition.
I practiced hard on the spiritual “Hello” every day for a while and let it go to see what would happen. There has not been a tremendous change in our relationship. It has taken a little while as it didn’t happen over night, but we get along quite well now. There is no more tension, we pitch in and help each other out when needed, and she will actually come into my office just to chat. Thank God this has happened. The tension is gone and the work environment is much more pleasant. Believe it or not, just the understanding of what was going on and the spiritual connection has brought about this unique change.

I have also gotten very good results from the destroying of roses. My most recent, and most important, action with putting my problems into the rose and destroying them was due to the pain, sorrow, and uncertainty of events surrounding the death of my Mother. I have recently used the roses to help me deal with this. I would put one issue at a time into the rose and destroy it and filling up with the Golden Sun. I would do this a couple of times and then create a rose and put Love into it and do the same thing. It has helped my cope with this event much better. I am still very sad, but the creation and destruction of the roses has helped heal the excruciating pain and I have found a lot of inner peace. It helped push me through the most devastating parts of the grieving process.

This course is full of so much knowledge and so many tools that I have needed in my life. There are no words that can express my gratitude for such a course. I know that as I continue using these my life will be more peaceful and prosperous.


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