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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Metaphysics Essay by Bruce R Wallace

In metaphysics we develop power, intelligence and wisdom. Wisdom is a blend of knowledge, understanding, and experience directed by the principle of love--unconditional love. It is thinking with the heart and feeling with the mind using that mind. This distinguishes the higher metaphysical development of spirituality from the lower metaphysical enfoldment of psychics. In a lower metaphysical development we may solely possess psychic ability or power but no wisdom and understanding to use it. We unfold in an unbalanced way. When power exceeds the wisdom to apply it, the seeds of self-destruction are inherent and might be the probable outcome. Advanced metaphysicians have all three aspects of divinity in full development or unfolding in a balanced and harmonious way, these three are: the aspects of love/wisdom, power/will, and intelligence/activity. I also believe that we must believe in what we are doing and yes indeed we must in God. I think my strongest point was get a friend feel me as I sent her roses she told someone I get feeling that he is talking to me when he is near but I feel this in my mind. The part I do not believe in reincarnation this I feel is not possible because when you die your soul goes to heaven so not you are not whole so you can not be reincarnated. There where times that I actually felt Jesus when I mediated I actual felt this man touch me and could say it made me feel very warm he is a very peaceful man. Getting to blow up roes is kind of cool and how you get you energy and you can feel the warmth. People have told me why do you not forget the past but I learned here that you can have no present or future without the past. I also feel many times that Jesus used Metaphysics to communicate will his disciples.


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