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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Final Essay by Sue Bellworthy

It is a near impossible challenge to select a few techniques from the many methods described in this course as all have their own unique value. Here I describe just a selection of the methods I tried and found of value.

Spirit Guides and Angels: I initially found it very hard to make contact with my spirit guides and angels, largely, it seems, because of an irrational fear within myself. Having broken through this barrier and reached out to these beings, there was a wonderful feeling of completeness and safety. Although I still find it hard at times to contact my guides and angels, particularly when under immense stress which is when I most need them, I have achieved this on occasion with spectacular results. Inevitably, when returning from the hospital, I just miss my train. On one occasion, when my connection with my angel was strong and when I was desperate to get home, I found myself almost propelled along the station concourse and onto my train with a minute to spare – a real miracle.

I found the roses described in the course to be a perfect symbol. There were the roses to detect lies which I have used effectively on many occasions; the sticky roses ro remove stale energy and to intercept bad energy and/or problems; and particularly the roses to absorb bad karma after breaking the pattern like a bundle of sticks. This latter has brought me immense relief from non-specific anxiety. The rose is such a perfect flower, a flower of love and peace, and a flower that is ideal to this purpose.

I regularly use energy healing, taking care to channel the life force or cosmic energy rather than use my own energy, and in doing so have managed to bring relief to many. One recipient had just been diagnosed with first stage cervical cancer, but when she attended the clinic for treatment all traces of the cancer had gone – another miracle.

I find working with the chakras to be a very powerful tool, often spending time balancing the chakras and smoothing the flow of energy to bring relief to some very bad migraines. The chakras are also an invaluable asset to other energy work, and in meditation by opening the upper chakras to gain connection to the spirit. The reading screen as a place for thought has been very useful for my failing memory!
Finally, the female creative energy was a subject I knew nothing about and identifying and taming this source of intuition and feminine powers has been very useful, giving me greater clarity to that female intuition rather than a nameless fear which I experienced previously.

It was a superb course, the few examples above represent a mere fraction of my learning over the past weeks and I shall use all I have learned regularly in my work.


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