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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest by Rev. Lucia Camara

Spirit Quest Program Wrap Essay

The impact of the Spirit Quest Program was very interesting and enlightening. My perception was that some of the discourses appeared to be based in a real sense of fear. Here are some examples: the fear of not being protected, the fear of doing things incorrectly, good vs. evil, positive and negative, etc. This was surprising to me in comparison to where I have chosen to live my life, my healing practice, and my ministry.

As human beings we have learned and lived from a point a fear for 2000 years. This has not been as beneficial as one may have thought. It was beneficial to learn some important aspects of evolving, however teaching and living from the point of fear are outdated. The true teachings from the many sacred beings that have come before were from a being in the present moment, in the pure energy of simple love. Evolving from the fear base in our lives and moving towards living life on every level from the point of love is a way of becoming enlightened. The discourses did give me the opportunity to understand what I hold as beliefs in my life and how I live those beliefs.

For fifteen years I have chosen to base my healing and teaching practice, as well as my ministry from the belief that “no harm created, no harm will follow.” This has served me well. From that point, the Divine is pure love, universal life energy, which is life giving and sustaining. A few of the discourses that came from a sense of fear were surprising. Understanding that I am capable of learning something from every experience, and noting that in the beginning of the program it was written to take what felt comfortable, this was what I followed.

The discourses that I found the most helpful and able to integrate into my life were: Creating Your Own Reality, Speaking In The Positive, Asking The Right Question, and Forgiveness. In Creating Your Own Reality, the information given was wonderful and seemed to easily be applied. Perhaps it was the added push to read and practice the information that suited my beliefs in life, which reinforced what had already been learned and read. The impact continues to be a daily part of life.

Speaking In The Positive helped to cinch without a question a thought process that now has become a thoughtful way of life. The interaction and response from the communities, people, and family is very pleasant. Communication is clearer and concise on all levels.

Asking The Right Question allowed the recognition of the mindfulness that is needed in the areas that would benefit from change. Creating a heartfelt intention and investing energy into the well thought out request has made a very positive impact.

The Forgiveness discourse gave the opportunity to look at everything that was uncomfortable in life, and come to a wonderful healing resolve. I now understand that forgiveness is not only for others, but makes the greatest strides when it is applied to self. This is a point that is too easily forgotten in the ever changing and evolving world.

Rev. Lucia Camara


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