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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Master of Metaphysics Essay by Jennifer Hagar

My spiritual awakening began in December of 2004 in Scottsdale Arizona. I met another spirit who, for some reason, made me remember that I existed before I was born into this life in 1968. He did not say these words to me, in fact, he did not feel the intense connection between us as I did. This was very confusing to me for sometime. As time went on, I realized that the universe gives us opportunities to see beyond this earth - and state of mind, timing, physical well being are all factors that effect whether we see what the universe is showing to us or not. I saw what the universe showed - and decided to act on finding out more and more about it.
My meeting with this spirit was only 2 days. However, it has been the foundation that I have built 4 years of an intense spiritual journey. On this journey one of the first things I did, thankfully, was to join the Universal Life Church as an Ordained Minister. Next, I enrolled in the Master of Metaphysics Program. I could not have made a better choice. This was a well thought out, comprehensive explanation of everything that I had suddenly become aware of and was feeling overwhelmed with. The course overall, helped me to be calm about what was happening to me.

The most important thing I have learned, is that we create our own realities here on this earthly plain. That sounds great! What else do we need to know right? Just think it and it happens. What I have learned in the past 4 plus years - it takes a lot of energy and focus and work to really make things happen around you. Grounding, protecting yourself from outside energies, running energy - all the exercises the course taught me was the very beginning. I did these things regularly, however, I saw little results. And even the results I did see were temporary.

What I learned for me, in my journey - I had much cleansing to do both emotionally and physically. These things were blocking me from achieving positive results. You cannot create what you can not feel that you absolutely deserve. This must be the reason why the course was constantly reminding me that the universe loved and supported me. That I did deserve great things.

Emotionally, I had issues that had not been resolved from childhood with my dad. Even though I was creating things around me that I loved, they would soon disappear. In hind-site, I see this was mostly because I pushed them away. At the time, however, I had somewhat of a breakdown in 2005, where a hospital stay was involved. One of the diagnosis made was literally - Trouble Adjusting. They got that right! I was convinced that what I was reading was real - but it was not working. Things were going away - just like my dad and this all made me deal with my abandonment issue.
It was a long road, but I worked on and healed the wounds that were caused by my relationship with my father during childhood. Meanwhile, I still took many classes online, read several books about metaphysics, and periodically reviewed my emails from The Masters of Metaphysics course. I began reading tarot cards for my friends and they were amazed at my accuracy. I took the show online - and now, I am an expert psychic/tarot card reader on a very large website. I incorporate a lot of what I learned from the ULC Master’s course in my readings to advise how clients can do energy work on their own. Things are progressing slowly but steadily. I have accumulated several positive feedback scores. However, about 2 months ago, I hit yet another wall..

For some reason, all of a sudden, I could not connect with as many people as I once could. I felt somewhat “off”. I couldn’t understand it. A quick reading on my own - showed that there was something difficult coming up for me - but I would overcome it.
Something was wrong - and I didn’t know what. Using the techniques of meditation, the protective rose, speaking with my spirit guides and angels I searched for the source of the block. Turned out that I was physically ill. I have a chronic condition that interfered with my life subtly for years - without me noticing. Within a month I was in the emergency room diagnosed with colitis from chronic crone’s disease. This disease has been with me for a long time. Depleting my system of needed nutrients to supply optimum energy and ultimately, blocking me from obtaining the maximum amount of connection with my clients. Now that I found out this information about myself - and have done everything I can to correct it - I have begun reading again with even better results than before.

Spirituality is an never ending road for us human beings. When I first began, I had no idea what I was getting into. A constant process of cleansing this human body in mental and physical ways to get to the truth of spirit. It has for me, been a very difficult road. I am grateful though, that I did have the information in this 30 week course to always reflect on and give me strength and hope that in the end, the universe is taking care of me.


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