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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Essay by Rev. Christine Pondelli

Grounding is the most important aspect of this program for me. Through grounding, I have claimed my place in this physical world. Previously, I had always felt as if I were floundering; I was always at a loss to whether I belonged or not. My gauge was forever focused on those around me and their intentions for me. Well, I’ve learned that I belong right where I am; another’s likes or dislikes are of no consequence. All being equal and unique, I have a place no matter where I am.

Creating and destroying roses, and the protection rose allowed me to gather up the old negative energy that was draining my life. In these discourses I learned how to rid my spirit of energy that belonged to others; their thoughts and actions directed toward me that I had taken owned. This was sapping and blocking the positive energy level that I desired. Envisioning the sticky rose for ridding my space of negative energy made my spirit lighter and allowed me more focus for what I wanted to accomplish.

Karma reinforced the notion of what goes around comes around. I appreciated the explanation that passing judgment was putting energy where it doesn’t belong; turning something neutral into something charged. It’s interesting to learn that everything I put energy on will create or resolve karma. I remind myself of that daily, because having judgments is a hard habit to break. I’m doing better every day.

Forgiveness was eye-opening, specifically the phrase “its not personal”. That was instrumental in my being able to let a lot of resentment pass. Also, “holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” That is an excellent analogy. It is not easy working through pains and past hurts, but this discourse allowed me steps that help set these negative energies free. What I can’t seem to let go, I send the sticky roses around gathering up the remnants of old energy and then blow them up.

Every week I received a valuable message that helps me on my journey.

by Rev. Christine Pondelli


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