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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Grounding is The Best Discourse

For my essay portion of the Spirit Quest Masters of Metaphysics, I am going to touch on the discourse that affected me the most. Through the long 30 plus week course, I have read on many topics ranging form Karma and Chakras to Telepathy and Reincarnation.

While many topics covered in the course seem very “1960’s psycho-babble” or a mixed bag of religious beliefs the one topic that has actually given me the most benefit is also one of the earliest discourse. Discourse number three, “Grounding and Centering your Head” has proven to be a valuable tool. You see my “real job” is that of a Network Administrator and Resource (Money) Advisor for my Squadron. As one can imagine with little effort both jobs have a tendency to be high stress due to dealing we computer illiterate personnel and trying to maintain a multi-million dollar budget will staying within the limits set by the congress for spending. I have always had a slight, ok large issue with dealing with people that just have no clue what they are talking about. This coupled with some anger management issues has often landed me in positions that, if I were not 100% correct, I would have been stripped of my rank on several occasions.

Grounding has actually greatly helped me deal with people and control my anger by allowing me to channel that energy out back to the earth much as a ground wire of an electrical circuit. Without getting in to the discourse details grounding allows me to be a better professional by granting me the ability to get rid of the negative portions and only present the more positive to my customers. While it is true the do need me and I do not need them, I still like to provide superior service be it fixing their computer or adjusting their account balance.

While the rest of the course does not really appeal to me, this one discourse was tell worth the time invested in the either course since several of the immediately following discourses build upon the “Grounding” technique. If for just this discourse, alone I would highly recommend this course to anyone that has an interest in learning.


Joshua D. Copeland


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